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August 2011



Market Manipulation for profit and political gain.

August 15, 2011 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: GE

The market manipulators effect politicians decisions and make a lot of money in the interim. They will run the market down to get day traders and investors to sell and even sell short, then the manipulators buy in and run the market up, short sellers have to cover and the market takes off. This gives the manipulators tremendous profits. The Timing always seems to be when it will give Wall Street and Obama the most advantage to government decisions.   [more]



Peak or Boo?

August 11, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , GLL

Why is it that when people talk about gold prices they use the word "peak". "It hasn't peaked yet" or "it has a log way to go before it peaks". When they talk about stocks they don't say "GE hasn't peaked yet" or "Apple hasn't peaked". And what is on the other side of the peak? Is it like the peak in 1980 were went from the low $200 range to 900 in two years then dropped 50% in less then a year and continued down to the $200 range in the following years? Are gold investors some kind of thrill seekers that like the ride? Are they seeing how close they get to the peek and then pull out?   [more]

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