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dpdoor (29.87)

October 2007



Tourist go home!

October 26, 2007 – Comments (0)

Just kidding. With the lower dollar and the higher wealth overseas we will see more tourist then ever in history. The malls are now 40% tourist. Airlines, Disney Land, maybe even some of the restaurants in tourist areas will do better then we thought. Give us your money, we need it.



dow fool

October 24, 2007 – Comments (0)

I’m tired of good stock following the dow. The more I ignore the dow the better I’ve been doing. I believe we are in a slow down but there are companies that are growing anyway. There are some large companies that maxed out 2 years ago that will not do as well with the slow down. I am finally seeing some of my stocks come up even with the dow falling and hope to see more of this trend. It use to be the stock market was based on the future now it seems it’s all about sectors and how they did this week.   [more]



3.75 rate

October 20, 2007 – Comments (2)

When times are tough people don’t borrow money because they don’t want the extra burden. It was proven in the early 1930's people did not borrow because they felt it wouldn’t do them any good. A rate cut needs to be big enough to make it worth it and it needs to be done while there is still confidence in small businesses. 3.75 would work best. The banks are going to have higher spreads because of the chance of default and the chance the rates will go up later. The fed rate needs to be very low for the consumer to benefit.   [more]



rate cut

October 20, 2007 – Comments (0)

I think wallsteet will want a lack of confidence the rest of this month until they get their rate cuts.



rimm price

October 11, 2007 – Comments (0)

Based on the Oct 4, 2007 report my math tells me rimm is valued at $116. If it goes over it will probably come back down. If it can not maintain its growth qtr over qtr it will go down from here.

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