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November 2008



Save Auto: yes

November 17, 2008 – Comments (0)

The big three are forced to use the UAW. The Japanese government invested in its auto industry and that is why they are more advanced. Our government has harmed the auto industry, let the government bail them out. How can we be so stupid as to let other countries dominate yet another product? We supported the UAW and it killed the auto industry, our government should take over the pension, help with retooling and make the United States profitable. If we keep losing manufacturing businesses how are we going to export. What are we producing that won’t be dominated by other counties. China obviously does not have the environmental restrictions for production, nor do they have the minimum wage we do nor the UAW. If we care about people’s well being and the environment they why do we force our citizens to buy from counties? Our cars cost more because of the USA regulations and failure to invest in ourselves.  [more]



Illegal fix

November 03, 2008 – Comments (2)

Bernanke said we must save the stock market. I think the government will do anything they can to save the market. If they don’t the millions of baby boomers that are depending on their 401k s will suffer and the chain reaction will cost all of us greatly. Also there are the publicly traded companies that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the constant flow of investors dollars. So by doing “anything they can” may mean doing some less then ethical covert maneuvers. I can see our government and possible other countries banks and governments boosting up the Dow 30 companies. Not by injecting cash which does little for the stock prices, but by actually giving contracts for orders. Orders with inflated prices. Orders for materials or products that are never used; they are either stock piled, recycled, returned or just never made except on paper. A over simplified example: the U.S. could give money to a foreign country they in turn order three billion dollars worth of aluminum that doesn’t necessarily need to be shipped in our lifetime, Alcoa shows a 10% increases in sales and receives enough money to show a great profit. Or a foreign company could contract Alcoa for an order Alcoa outsources it back to a subsidiary of that company and makes a profit; the cost of the profit actually was a gift to the foreign company from our government. Alcoa shows a sale and profit by only pushing paper. The US government is out 3 billion Alcoa’s stocks go up 8 billion. The same could be done for the other 29 Dow components and walla, the market rallies.  [more]

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