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Buy Low, Sell High: 11 Top Yielding Dividend Stocks To Buy When You Sell Your High Beta Stuff

November 10, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MO , T , DUK

March of next year will mark the seventh anniversary of the beginning of one of the longest bull market runs in history that came out of the Great Recession lows of March 2009.

While many claim that this has indeed been a secular bull market since then, the reality is that until the market blew past the double top level of 1,500 in May of 2013, we were really just filling in a monumental hole. With that in mind, the bull run is getting tired, and three very distinct signs of a market top are showing up.

So what do investors do with bond yields still at historical lows? It’s time to think about selling the high-beta momentum stocks that lurk in portfolios and move to more conservative blue chip companies that pay dividends. 

Attached you can find a few ideas of stocks that pay good dividends and offer attractive yields while having low beta ratios.

These are the results....

AmeriGas Partners -- Yield: 8.83%  [more]



A Canadian Engergy Stock Portfolio That Generated 12.14% Annulized Return

October 27, 2015 – Comments (0)

While the oil price is down and close to multi-year lows, it could make sense to discover some oil and gas or energy related stocks.  [more]



30 High-Margin Stocks With Strong Competitive Advantages You Don't Want To Miss

October 09, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL , BLK , ORCL

Investing into high margin companies could end in a better return. The underlying thought is simple: A companies that works on higher margin can survive a market correction more likely and become stronger after a recession.  [more]



20 Dividend Achievers Dogs With Yields Up To 8.52%

October 08, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: VZ , QCOM , IBM

While I'm thinking every day about stocks and their valuation, I decided to create a Chart of the cheapest Dividend Achievers with growth potential.  [more]



Stay Away From These 25 Stocks When The Fed Hikes Rates

October 02, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: FCX , F , GE

Companies with variable/floating-rate debt are more immediately impacted (negatively) by a rate hike than companies with fixed rate debt.  [more]

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