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September 2007



More Learnin'

September 29, 2007 – Comments (0)

I joined the CAPS crowd in order to get investing ideas; get some varied thoughts on what others think of my ideas.  CAPS has a view of its collective self that somehow it's better or more accurate (which I suppose is the seminal definition of better) than "Mr Market."  I'm not sure that is entirely true, or even true at all.  As with the real market, it's necessary to pay close attention to who we are paying close attention to and how it is that they come to judgement.  It is also germane to establish the why.  
I'm as interested as the next player in seeing my status climb in the game.  I am learning that there are ways to potentially improve my score.  I'm reading about re-upping from one who I've designated a favorite (designated because I appreciate his/her assesment of one of my picks).  The value of this game to me is in its parallels to real life.  Re-upping certainly has it's parallel, but what's missing is the cost of the trade.  Maybe if re-upping is going to be a game component, the CAPS designers should include a "trade expense,"  just like real life.  I think I'll post this as a reply to his own blog post...and maybe be so bold as to suggest it to MF.
I also find it interesting that in much institutional MF writing there is constant harping on ratings changes by Wall Street.  Frankly, I don't see most CAPS players doing much more than piling on to 5 star stocks and shunning 1 star stocks.  The natural reaction to my assessment (even from me) is "well, DUH-uh!"  But I seek real life information for real life purposes.  Gotta check those sources!   [more]

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