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gameguru (33.73)

December 2006



My Favorite CAPS Picks

December 15, 2006 – Comments (3)

I don't have nearly as many CAPS picks as some other players - I've only made 18 picks since I started back at the end of August 2006. That's only about 5 picks/month. With so few picks, each one is a call I've thought about, committed to, and ultimately believe in. Yet, I can look back and easily pick out a few calls as being my favorites of them all. The three picks I would name as my favorites (COF, LUK, and FUN) share many common traits. They were all made on the same day (8/31/06), making them my first 3 picks, and they are all losing to the market. That's right, the stock calls I would name as my favorites are not my timely calls on EBAY or CRYP, or my steady gainer AB, but are net losers so far. Why do I love these stocks and my CAPS calls on them?  [more]



How To Create and Maintain an Index Portfolio in CAPS

December 11, 2006 – Comments (0)

I’ve been asked how difficult it is to select and maintain stocks in the CAPS5StarIndex and CAPS1StarIndex. Currently, I consider it to be quite a hassle, somewhat time consuming, and occasionally frustrating. Hopefully, the CAPS team will be implementing some changes in the near future that will make it easier to actively use the data from CAPS searches and to maintain portfolios with many picks. Suggested changes include: eliminating the pop-up boxes associated with tickers in search results, allowing the display of more search results per page, making it possible to end multiple picks at once, allowing continuous scaling on all the search sliders (currently, the Market Cap slider goes in steps from 0, 36, 71, 107…), adding search sliders for percent bulls and bears, and not counting pending ended and beginning picks toward the 200 active pick limit.  [more]



Gauging the Usefulness of Star Ratings

December 06, 2006 – Comments (2)

I was looking over the performance of the CAPS1StarIndex and CAPS5StarIndex today and I noticed that both of them are substantially outperforming the market. That is, if you had made outperform picks on all 200 of the stocks in either index, you would have a positive score in the CAPS system. (Note that CAPS1StarIndex currently has a negative score, as it makes underperform calls.)  [more]

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