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My head in the clouds again

August 30, 2010 – Comments (1)

Could we be out in the streets, dancing like it's 1995 again?

Intel ... cutting back on it's sales forecast .... that says the IPad and mini PC days are arriving.

That is no little event if it flies, and honestly, it seems like the next natural step in computers. Computers that are little more than monitor screens, keyboards and WIFI connections. All the processing, thinking, storage, game playing, music and photo files ... all running and stored in "clouds".

This ain't no Buck Rodgers story, it is happening right now, most likely "faster than a speeding bullet"

Living through the dot com era, I mainly remember "I should'a" about everything. Revenues and profits of companies were doubling in quarters, stocks were splitting, mergers, take overs ... blink and you missed the latest move.

Are we there again? Could it be the same as 1995-2000 again? Will the gold be flowing in the streets, will billionaires be made over night?, will portfolios of those who jumped in "on a chance" swell with wealth? Will everyone be talking about what the market did yesterday and many smiling to themselves for being part of it?

Face it, the way we "compute" is going to change. If the public embraces it, or are forced to embrace it, there is no doubt that that will mean exponential growth.

Remember, 1995-2000's dot com boom happened in a time that few used computers, most were frightened of them, they were expensive, easily screwed up and limited in what they could do .... but sales doubled over again and again and again.

Take that thought and project it into today ... where most use computers, most depend upon computers, where the computers ability has matured to the point it is more powerful than ever could be required by most users, yet people keep upgrading ......

Now, kill the Desktop ... kill the laptop .... roll the digital camera, cell phone, GPS and game console into one small 12X9" "pad" .... now sell them ... remembering the instant demand of the Iphone, the instant development of the "Apps" community and the flood of Apple killers released within months.

There is money to be made ... I can feel it ... smell it ...sense it

It's 1995 again .....

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July 28, 2010 – Comments (2)

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July 26, 2010 – Comments (12)

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