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Why the market tanked - probably not the reason you think!

August 08, 2011 – Comments (14) | RELATED TICKERS: SPY , IWM , QQQ

As of early last week I went to all cash in my real money portfolio and 401k. The reason? Not what you may think.   [more]



Sell in May and go away.

June 15, 2011 – Comments (12) | RELATED TICKERS: SPY

When is it that we are supposed to come back?



Which way is the market going? I predict S&P 1500 by year end.

April 05, 2011 – Comments (9) | RELATED TICKERS: SPY

I like to review the earnings estimates from S&P to get a handle on where the market is headed. As i've said before - it's corporate earnings that ultimately drive stock prices. While the P/E ratios may swing about anywhere from 10-30  depending on how bearish or bullish the market is - it ultimately swings back to some happy medium. I happen to thing that happy medium is somewhere around 15.  [more]



Mannkind MNKD mini-flash crash today

December 15, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: 56400P706

I've been seeing some interesting action on different stocks from time to time over the past few months. Today it was Mannkind. The stock which was as high as $9.23 today dropped like a rock at 2:30 when I can only guess someone must have sold 2 million shares on a market order and it hit a low of $7.31. This all happened in about a minute.  I was fortunate enough to catch this happening and picked up 1000 shares at $7.49 which I sold a couple minutes later at $8.30.   [more]



20% gain in the S&P next year!

December 10, 2010 – Comments (20) | RELATED TICKERS: SPY

There are a number of S&P estimates out for 2011. I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring as well. I try and work off of the S&P estimates and assume a fair value PE ratio of 15 in this market. This worked out pretty well this year. Check out my two blogs on the subject before:  [more]

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