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October 2008



Help me please? Why are we bailing out every retard???

October 30, 2008 – Comments (4)

First off, thank you TMFBent for alerting me to the actual link for this article..."Mortgage Relief Nears for Homeowners"      I know this topic has been endlessly discussed and brought up; however, I honestly do not understand. Why are we bailing out every retard/dumba** there ever was. Whether it is the financial industry FNM/FRE/AIG/Bearn Sterns/ etc., the auto industry GM?Chrysler/Ford, states to come (see California), and now homeowners, all of these groups make a bet and lost. Pure and simple...    Maybe I'm a callous person and have no sympathy. I just don't think we should be bailing out everybody. Many people gambled and bought a house they didn't have money for, and now they are being foreclosed and complaining the whole time. What's with that? You knew the risk before you bought it, and if you ignorantly assumed that home values would endlessly continue to climb, I'm sorry but I have no sympathy cause your an idiot...If you're a company that didn't see the future of cars would mainly be small, fuel efficient vehicles, I'm sorry, you don't deserve to be a company cause you are retarded. If you're a state that has massive oil reserves right off shore and the infrastructure already in place and ready to go, and you're billions short on this year’s budget, I think you should be kicked in the face cause you have no grasp of reality (California, and yes I do live there currently). If you’re a shady politician that added some delicious pork to the TARP bill recently, you’re worthless and I hope you lose your seat in this election. If you used to run Goldman Sachs and now run the US economy, and didn’t honestly know that one day all of these sketchy backroom deals/loans/risks would surface and cause massive problems for the world, you are absolutely retarded…Enough examples and the stupidity we are blessed with these days?     I do not understand our bailout strategy for several reasons. First off, I do realize a decent argument can be made that we “needed” some of these bailouts to avoid further destruction. Let’s just put that aside and focus and the plain truths. People gambled and lost. They did not invest; they did not research if the housing market was way overdo for a crash. They simply gambled…It was a hunch, and many people lost horribly. I’m sorry, but you lost and it was your own fault. Yes maybe there was some predatory lending that caused a few people to get screwed; however, don’t play that card with me. Predatory lending was a fraction of the total. Besides, if you got suckered into buying a house you couldn’t afford because you were “taken advantage of”, then you are too stupid and didn’t adequately research the idea and probably should not have been buying a house anyways.    Are we not encouraging more and more people to lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever they can to get ahead? By actively saving all of these companies and people from basically bankruptcy, are we not telling them “hey, you screwed up, oh well…” I believe that we are encouraging more risk because there is little to no fear of failure or devastation. We need failure in society and especially in business. It is an absolute necessity in life. People need failure in order to succeed.     Whatever happened to the idea of living within your means? Spending only what you have. If you want something, you work for it and strive for it, you don’t just whip out the credit card and “charge it”.     Without naming the “too big to fail” reason, can anyone actually tell me a single valid reason for all of this? Is there anybody out there that can justify why we the taxpayers, should help you restructure your mortgage because you gambled and lost? That is a serious question. I know this is a giant rant, and semi angry. But seriously, is anyone hoping to benefit and restructure their mortgage when this new bill takes shape? If so, please provide me a reason why I should help you out. Justify to me why I should have sympathy for you. I promise not to yell or hate on you, just honestly curious because the way I see things, if you made a mistake, you need to pay for it. Not me the taxpayer, who by the way was responsible and not a complete idiot.      I am a young mid-20’s guy who has been fortunate throughout my life. I do not currently own a house, I rent because I am in transition between school and my career. Therefore, I realize that my view is somewhat biased in the sense that I am not a homeowner. Although I would like to think that I would still feel the same even if I was a homeowner.Also, Obama is retarded and his policies are straight socialism. However, McCain is equally dumb and his left-centered policies took a giant leap towards socialism as well when he announced the idea to “restructure” mortgages in order to help out homeowners. I only bring this up to point out that both candidates are going to continue dragging us down the socialist path with many more bailouts to come…Airlines anybody? Thus, I would like to hear a good answer to my questions above before we really get rolling on the bailout train… I’ll just say thanks in advance for all of your wonderful and enlightening reasons as to why I should be sympathetic to dumb people…    [more]



Politicians are full of crap and are straight up lying to you...

October 02, 2008 – Comments (7)

What, you thought politicians were honest?   [more]

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