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TheGarcipian (34.00)

July 2008



Dubya, You Ignorant Glass-Half-Full Sluut

July 17, 2008 – Comments (21) | RELATED TICKERS: D , UMBF , OCR.DL

(Pardon my on-purpose typo in the title, but I had to do that to get past the profanity filter. Oh, and if you're easily offended by bleeped words and satirical looks at your President, don't bother watching the embedded video).  [more]



Sweet Medusa, Do Not Look At This Picture!

July 04, 2008 – Comments (10) | RELATED TICKERS: SPY

Well, the Pooh is finally here. Whether you’re an A.A. Milne fan or not, you should realize where we are now. No, it’s not the Hundred Acre Wood; wish it were so. But we are now officially in bear territory. Back on October 11, 2007, during trading hours, the S&P500 peaked at 1,576.09, but it hit a new low yesterday, July 3, 2008 of 1,252.01. That’s just over a 20% drop, which is the official definition of a bear market. That shouldn’t come as any surprise if you’ve been paying attention and ignored the wagging tongues of politicians and political appointees. Bernanke, Paulson & Bush, I’m looking at you chums…  [more]

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