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TheGarcipian (34.14)

August 2007



Wild Ride

August 31, 2007 – Comments (2)

What a wild ride it has been over the course of the Summer Foolery Contest, not that I’m telling any of my fellow players anything new. Still, after watching (sometimes in pseudo-horror) as my picks plummeted against other players’ picks, I think I had a bit more of a rollercoaster ride than others, although to watch Gtrinvestor come from so far behind to end up in 2nd place was gripping. Nice pull, Gtrinvestor!  I, however, fell a bit farther and couldn’t quite catch up. Starting out, I tracked from 11th to 127th, mostly in the 30th-40th ranking range. But then the twin market shocks of July 27th and August 15th hit us all, and my ranking plunged (just like others). I fell to a low of 1204th place (out of 1755 players at that time), with a Rating of only 31.4%---yikes!  My contest tribulations are documented in this graph:  [more]




August 06, 2007 – Comments (9)

I'd liked to add a new acronym to our lexicon. It's the title of this blog, and it stands for what's been happening to my portfolio both offline and online: Getting My butt Killed, or some facsimile thereof. Over the past week, I been GMAK'd hard. I guess it's the market equivalent of a Good Fella's "gettin' whacked"... and man, oh man, does it hurt. Thank you sir, may I not have another!   [more]

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