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TheGarcipian (34.11)

November 2007



Know Thy Enemy

November 22, 2007 – Comments (9)

Funny thing happened on the way to market chaos… just about the time Mr. Market started his most recent impression of Sybil on a bipolar binge of  bartering & barfing, I was distracted by those things that come with life, like my real world job and (something more fun) planning for a colleague’s retirement party. In early November, having to travel cross-country and sit with customers all day kept me away from the machinations of this crazy market, so I missed a lot of “opportunity” to sell/trade my CAPS picks. Still, I tracked my daily performance, but had little time to trade stocks in my real or virtual portfolios. Indeed, since Halloween, I’ve not posted a single blog and have only added 6 picks to my CAPS lineup (which were done on the weekends). Meanwhile, I’d noticed in alerts I received regarding my Favorites’ choices (the people I follow), there has been frenetic trading activity, each trying to jump ahead of the downturn that is now upon us. I envied them, to have the time to do so, especially for my real world portfolio which has been absolutely hammered. Since 10/31/07, I’ve received more Tricks than Treats, having lost a staggering 23% of my non-IRA portfolio’s value.  [more]

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