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TheGarcipian (34.08)

December 2007



Bolt Me Up, Scotty!

December 18, 2007 – Comments (1)

For whatever reason, my pitch for Bolt Technology Corp. (symbol=BTJ) caught my eye tonight, and it got me thinking about the stock in general. I'm trying to be proactive and get ahead of some of these CAPS picks, in particular those that I've currently got negative points in but think there's a good possibility for a turnaround. So, I'm throwing out some ideas for your review, all leading to a possible purchase of this stock. Feel free to comment.  [more]



Laughable Performance

December 12, 2007 – Comments (3)

What a short-term non-starter I am!  I'm currently "registered" in CAPS "Scariest Stocks In The World" contest. I write "registered" because if I wrote "playing", it'd be more like the game was playing me...  [more]

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