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Missing the good old days

February 22, 2016 – Comments (0)

Ahh I used to love the good old days when I could intensly follow the MF community and stock boards.  My time in the US military left me time between deployments to research these areas.  I learned how to do a DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) valuation model long before I ever entered an MBA program.  I still remember the fundamentals, not of valuation, but of business values I picked up reading the Motley Fool.   Now 4 years removed from the military, I'm the COO and shareholder of a small defense contractor, hopefully one day I can see our own symbol on here as we grow.  Lots of work to go on that front and wouldn't be able to check in on here (plus small business finance is very different from large corporate finance).  Of course when that day comes, I wouldn't be able to say a word about an IPO but hopefully I can carry the ideas of long term focus, quality return on equity, and avoiding unnecessary debt through to that day.    [more]



For the morbidly deranged

February 20, 2008 – Comments (1)

Just a quick note for any of you who are depraved enough to actually be curious the ones I have listed as top picks are companies I actually own except in the case of the magnificent thumbs down its a company that I have cause to strongly detest.



FEB 27th's dramatic decline and the calming effect of the Fool

February 28, 2007 – Comments (0)

Well yesterday was a bad day for stock prices unless you were holding some serious short positions. I had the good fortune to sell my S&P 500 Indexed mututal fund a week ago. No not that I'm the amazing creskin and saw the decline coming, its that I am consolidating bank and brokerage with USAA which will drop me from 4 bank/brokerage institutions to 3 and at the end of the year down to 2. USAA didnt hold the S&P fund I had, no biggie the fund was overpriced compared to theirs and the fear of a mighty capital gains tax kep me from selling it.  [more]



Officially coldest player

January 31, 2007 – Comments (1)

I am now officially the coldest player on caps over the past week having gone from all star to the bottom 20% in a week. Wow quite the downward trend. Some of this is the result of oil companies getting a boost with the prices going higher. Others are due to the fact that while the S&P is going up some of my favorite companies are going the other way for example BWLD, PRAA, JBLU, etc.... In my real portfolio I look at these as buying opportunities since other than JBLU (which missed earnings estimates by 2 cents) nothing has really changed in the rest of these companies. Mearly that they have fallen out of favor for the moment as well as some momentum riders chasing upward trends on my underperform calls. I'm standing pat on most things my two most daring underperform calls GOOG and NYX arnt the ones hurting me its the rest, here is to me bouncing back on CAPS and more importantly on real portfolio where I intend to take advantage of these downswings.  [more]

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