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iamnik77 (92.37)

January 2009



Bye Bye Lexmark

January 14, 2009 – Comments (2)

After issuing a much lowered earnings estimate and stating that printing volume is down, the future looks very bleak for this company. As a regretful user of a Lexmark printer, I know exactly what is happening. Somewhere along the way, some very important person at Lexmark decided to stop focusing on making quality printers for home use and decided to look for ways to milk customers buy making smaller ink cartridges that don't work as well. I was spending about 40 cents a page on my last Lexmark inkjet printer. Sorry, Lexmark, but you can only sing that song for so long and then it is bye bye to your company. And even if Lexmark does start making quality printers, I won't buy one until everyone I know says "buy Lexmark because they make the best printers". Don't expect me to be the guinnea pig. Wait till HP pipes in about how their printer business is doing and then we will really see the contrast. Things at Lexmark are worse than many people realize. Another once good company ruined by greed.  [more]

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