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iamnik77 (91.50)

May 2009



Is someone leeching off of my employee benefits?

May 28, 2009 – Comments (1)

A few years ago I took advantage of an opportunity to purchase some shares of JP Morgan Chase through an employee stock purchase plan. At the time the shares were trading at around $40.00 and my cost basis was around $24.00. The plan carried some risk the way it was structured, but odds were if you participated you would profit and clearly it worked in my favor. Before you think that I was some sort of priviliged company executive, let me say I was far from it. I was fairly low on the totem pole and only made about 30k per year. Very few of my peers took advantage of this company benefit which later was tweaked so that employees could only get roughly a 5% discount and they couldn't sell for a year after their purchase without being denied the opportunity to make new contributions for a year. With such a small margin of safety, I ceased to partifipate in the program after the changes were made.   [more]



Generating Solid Investing Ideas

May 12, 2009 – Comments (2)

Occassionally, I feel very strongly about a particular stock and am willing to bet my hard earned money on it. But these strong feelings are the exception rather than the norm. Most stocks cause a sinking feeling in my stomach as I envision a rotten management that will squander my hard earned capital. I seem to be able to find a couple of bright spots in the market every month or two. Something I have noticed, however, is some Fools who play CAPS seem to be able to generate ten  or more solid ideas a month with astounding accuracy and performance on their picks. For those of you who have demonstrated this ability, how much effort are you putting into getting your investment ideas?  [more]

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