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May 2010



Perma bulls,Perma bears, That's just plain "BULL" !

May 31, 2010 – Comments (18) | RELATED TICKERS: BP , RIG , GS

  If you use technical charting as well as fundamental analysis (as I do) of Individual companies In relation to the current and future maro economic outlook with regard to the direction of the equities markets,It Is posssible to make money no matter which direction the markets are heading. I am neither a PERMA bear nor a PERMA bull EVER....  I try to use the Information that Is available to make an Informed decision on whether or not to stay fully,partially,{or not Invested at all}, In the market (s).  In the beginning of March I had just $ 500.00 In cash and roughly $89,000.00 In the stock market. I currently have about $34,000.00 In cash,and every time the market pops,I unload more shares. When Investor sentiment changes,I change with It,and as a result,I have retained a lot of my gains that I had In the preceding 6 months.  To be a PERMA BEAR or a PERMA BULL Is Illogical, especially In this era of economic uncertainty. Remember this one statement....   WALL STREET DOES NOT LIKE UNCERTAINTY, and at the present time we are faced with Increasing uncertainty with regard to this "Global Economy"....     :)    TS  [more]



Fiat Money and Schemes collapsing

May 30, 2010 – Comments (41) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , JPM , C

  Goldman Sachs front running schemes using free money has come to an end. The banks will soon be on their own again. The flash-crash has still not been explained,and Investor sentiment has changed dramatically....    TS         Goldman Sachs will get a hand slap, the Greek Tragedy continues, signs of growth not real, more market manipulation to report on, never incremental news, a broken system of risk-free trade and return  

The commercial paper market fell again by $2.6 billion to $1.073 trillion.  [more]



No tier 5 unemployment extension says Pelosi

May 27, 2010 – Comments (11)

  Unemployment Is getting WORSE,and there are no serious efforts by Congress to create jobs now or In the near future. There are many people that are going to lose everything In this pathetic economy. Congress does not have a clue,and they put It all on the line with wall street bailouts,and a healthcare bill that nobody likes or  wants...  The stock market Is responding In kind to the downside due to the Inept actions and or Inactions of our Federal Government,and their complete lack of understanding how a consumer driven economy actually works!  I am going to get out of the way.  Sold some more of my real portfolio today,and I just do not understand how these worthless elected officials cannot seem to see the forest through the trees....    TS        Nancy Pelosi Shuts Down Any Hope For Tier 5 Unemployment Extension      

Well, this sounds pretty final.  [more]



Doomsayers Beware,a bright future beckons

May 18, 2010 – Comments (1)

  Although I am In the bearish camp In the near to Intermediate term,all Is not lost...    TS     By JOHN TIERNEYPublished: May 17, 2010 Long before “sustainable” became a buzzword, intellectuals wondered how long industrial society could survive. In “The Idea of Decline in Western History,” after surveying predictions from the mid-19th century until today, the historian Arthur Herman identifies two consistently dominant schools of thought.The first school despairs because it foresees inevitable ruin. The second school is hopeful — but only because these intellectuals foresee ruin, too, and can hardly wait for the decadent modern world to be replaced by one more to their liking. Every now and then, someone comes along to note that society has failed to collapse and might go on prospering, but the notion is promptly dismissed in academia as happy talk from a simpleton. Predicting that the world will not end is also pretty good insurance against a prolonged stay on the best-seller list. Have you read Julian Simon’s “The State of Humanity”? Indur Goklany’s “The Improving State of the World”? Gregg Easterbrook’s “Sonic Boom”?

Good books all, and so is the newest addition to this slender canon, “The Rational Optimist,” by Matt Ridley. It does much more than debunk the doomsaying. Dr. Ridley provides a grand unified theory of history from the Stone Age to the better age awaiting us in 2100.   [more]



Fed to blame for surge In gold and silver, currency woes?

May 18, 2010 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: GS

  Ths Fed is most certainly responsible for every boom/bust cycle In our economy ever since It was created. The greed of United States based financial firms have directly caused problems In European countries,and they are  at least partially resposible for the Impending demise of the Euro as a currency....   TS       Fed to Blame for Gold Surge, Currency Woes: Ron Paul    

The Federal Reserve's practice of indiscriminately printing money is the chief culprit that has led to the surge in gold and demise of the euro, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) told CNBC Monday  [more]



R.I.P Ronnie James Dio

May 16, 2010 – Comments (11)

  The music that helped to define my generation....   TS       Metal legend Ronnie James Dio dead   Ronnie James Dio, whose soaring vocals, poetic lyrics and mythic tales of a never-ending struggle between good and evil broke new ground in heavy metal, died Sunday, according to a statement from his wife and manager. He was 67.

Dio revealed last summer that he was suffering from stomach cancer shortly after wrapping up a tour in Atlantic City, N.J. with the latest incarnation of Black Sabbath, under the name Heaven And Hell.  [more]



Sony posts profit but warns of European risk

May 13, 2010 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: SNY

  Ol Topsecret does not like to be Mr. Bear,but this market Is very shaky. I have been saying for over a month to use caution,and the lights that have been flashing yellow are now flashing RED. I do not have a good feeling on this market. I am still a seller on any significant strength and am now over 50% cash... TS       By Daisuke Wakabayashi    Of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 

TOKYO (Dow Jones)--Sony Corp. (6758.TO) said Thursday it expects to profit this fiscal year after two consecutive years in the red, as painful restructuring measures give way to an improved outlook for its troubled television set and video game units.   [more]



Oil spill could wreak havok on the entire U.S economy

May 13, 2010 – Comments (49) | RELATED TICKERS: BP

 If this spill Isn't contained soon,It could effect our entire economy. Nobody Is talking about this with regard to the dire economic mess that this could generate over the longer term...    TS      Spill poised for dramatic expansion, high-tech offshore drilling was considered ultrasafe. Then came BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster. What the company—and the industry—must do to bounce back

By Peter Coy and Stanley Reed   [more]



76% of Americans say we are still In a recession

May 12, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GS

  As wall street financial firms grin ear to ear,the average American Joe struggles to make ends meet.....    TS    




Topsecrets comeback stock of the year

May 10, 2010 – Comments (14) | RELATED TICKERS: YRCW

  Although I am currently selling Into rallies with my larger portfolio,there Is one stock that I actually bought last week. Although this stock Is not "rateable" here on the fool, (yet) I think that It deserves some attention at a very square risk/reward price. It Is speculative to be sure,but It may well prove to be a steal at around 50 cents. I bought 4000 shares at 45 cents on thursday,and I will probably tinker a little more with this one at or around this level.   The CEO of the company just bought 200,000 shares,and they are bringing In a team of turnaround specialists as part of a debt for equity exchange...    YRC Worldwide Announces Election of Five New Board Members in Planned Transition  OVERLAND PARK, Kan., May 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- YRC Worldwide Inc. (Nasdaq:YRCW - News) today announced the election of a distinguished group of five new members to the company's Board effective May 11, 2010 in a planned transition previously disclosed in a debt-for-equity exchange completed on December 31, 2009.

Chairman of the Board, Bill Zollars, will remain in his position. Dennis E. Foster and William L. Trubeck are being re-elected to the Board. New members include Eugene I. Davis, Marnie S. Gordon, Beverly K. Goulet, Mark E. Holliday and John A. Lamar.  [more]



Sold Into rally again, now 45 % cash, Sentiment has changed !

May 10, 2010 – Comments (18)

  I was 95% stocks,5% cash just 3 weeks ago. I will keep selling Into any strength and locking In my profits with all of the uncertainty In the equity markets,both here and overseas. This selloff isn't over...  You are now going to see small BEAR MARKET RALLYS that could take us back up some more,and that Is fine with me too. At least I will have the cash to re=balance my portfolio and get Into more "quality names" down the road....   This was a typical snapback rally,and I don't buy It...  TS  [more]



Federal reserve opens credit line to Europe !

May 10, 2010 – Comments (22)

     This Is a lot worse than people think. Now we are printing money and sending It to Europe!!! The markets look set to zoom higher on the open,and I suggest thet you use the strength to sell profitable positions and raise cash. I will be selling some of my small cap losers If I can get a small pop In a couple of them tomorrow. This Is a band-aid on a situation that Is getting really scary. China real estate could be the next domino to fall,,,,  TS     By JEANNINE AVERSA | Posted: Sunday, May 9, 2010 8:35 pm  The Federal Reserve late Sunday opened a program to ship U.S. dollars to Europe in a move to head off a broader financial crisis on the continent.

Other central banks, including the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank and the Bank of Japan also are involved in the dollar swap effort.  [more]



My answer to a TMF POST. Technical Analysis Is "Stupid"

May 07, 2010 – Comments (19)

On May 07, 2010, at 12:51 AM, topsecret10 wrote:   [more]

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