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July 2010



Topsecrets prediction right on the money

July 20, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MSI

Motorola going on sale again

Recs  [more]



Is BP the mother of all pump and dumps?

July 06, 2010 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: BP

 I have literally watched In amazement as numerous articles have hit the media from so called "Financial Analysts" about BP being a possible takeover target. Rumors of Exxon Mobile preparing a bid ? Why would any sane director on Exxon Mobile's board,or any other companies board vote to Initiate a takeover of a company that literally has BILLIONS or possibly TENS of BILLIONS  of open ended liabilities,not to mention that the company could also be found criminally negligent with company officials posssibly facing prison. Now there Is talk of Saudi Arabia swooping In as a "White Knight" with Billions In cash to help prop up the ailing company In exchange for an equity stake, and to help thwart a takeover by a larger company? There Is currently NO WAY to figure out what BP Is actually worth at this time. What If the relief well fails? How much will BP ultimately be liable for? Exxon Mobile got to be the great company that they are by sound management decisions,not by rolling the dice In a crap shoot. You may be a witness to the biggest "Pump and Dump" ever on the face of the earth.....    TS                                                                            

From CNN | BP’s stock price has fallen far enough for the oil company to become an attractive takeover target for its biggest rivals, according to industry analysts.  [more]



The coming double dip depression

July 04, 2010 – Comments (10)

  Anyone that has read my posts (probably not very many here because I am not an "all-star"knows that since I have been on the fool blogs that I have consistantly said that this so called {RECOVERY} Is bogus,and Is perpetuated by the left-wing media,and the positive spin cycle from the WHITE HOUSE. It Is quite obvious now that the "stimulus" has failed as more people lose their jobs. The 9.5% unemployment rate Is more like 22% In real world numbers. People are DROPPING OUT OF THE WORK FORCE by the tens of thousands every week. The spin meisters at the controls of the media,and our Federal Government are working overtime to try to convince you that we are actually In a SUSTAINABLE recovery. The so called economists that never even knew that we were In a recession are now saying that there will probably not "double dip". This Is very laughable considering that the recession really never ended,and In fact Is just getting worse. We could go Into a depression as a result of the Federal Reserve decision to bail out big business Instaed of using the money to stimulate JOB GROWTH In the private sector. While the Democratic controlled Congress and Obama pushed a very unpopular healthcare bill, Americans continued to lose their jobs,their houses,and their dignity. This administration focused on HEALTHCARE and paid no attention whatsoever to American Families that are on the ropes. Now Obama and his Democratic minions are pressing to give 12 million plus Illegals AMNESTY,even though their are already over 8 million Illegals taking away AMERICAN JOBS at the present time. Once again Pres. Obama has shown that he considers immigration to be primarily a game of political calculation rather than an issue that deeply affects how many millions of U.S. workers must remain unemployed. His renewed call for massive numbers of work permits for foreign workers is another  incredible slap in the face to the 25 million Americans who want a full-time job but cannot find one.    TS            Analysis: Tools for battling recession diminished   

WASHINGTON — Just when they might be needed the most, the rescue ropes that hauled the nation out of the Great Recession have become badly frayed.  [more]



Dow should test 9200 now

July 02, 2010 – Comments (2)

 We broke support at 9750 Dow. Next test to the downside at 9200...   TS

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