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A bull market in bull markets... plus why there won't be any substantial collapse



September 20, 2010 – Comments (0)

Two random musings...


1.  I've recently noticed an uptick in the number of news articles and blog posts alluding to a bull market in xxxxx.  Where xxxxx is no longer some commodity or investment vehicle but rather something intangible like negative sentiment, amateurish quality commentary, and the like. 


This to me of course signals a bull-market in bull-markets.  Meaning we are now given to even more fractured conversation with little attempt at debate...  Instead of arguing with you over a given topic with the intent of discoving truth (or some facsimile thereof) I'll turn the other cheek and instead instead participate in some other niche debate which is not really a debate because all of the participants share the same view.  


I'm not sure what this spells for the future, but like all bull-markets it doesn't strike me as sustainable.


2.  After watching the premiere of "Boardwalk Empire" last night I must say I now have conclusive proof that we will not see a major collapse/depression any time soon.  This isn't so much a commentary on the show (my reaction was luke-warm, I'll give it another episode or two before I decide whether its worth watching) but rather a reflection on the 1920s vs 2000s. 


In retrospect the 2000s had nothing on the 1920s and so it would stand to reason that the fall thereafter cannot be nearly as dramatic.  Of course if I'm wrong on this then we can all thank GW for making the prelude to oblivion suck (on a relative basis of course).  Call me a hopeless romantic but I expect a brush with opulence before standing on a breadline...  Not cheap granite countertops, fake travertine floors, and no-talent pop-stars.



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