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A eMail From Alstry To A Friend...



February 23, 2011 – Comments (0)

The following is an ACTUAL eMail I sent this morning to a friend, phsyicist, and one of the foremost failure experts in the nation:



This is where times get interesting and why I recommended you to read Atlas Shrugged and The Black Swan.  They are good reads for hockey, life and investing.

We are now dealing with a breakdown NOT comptemplated by Modern Portfolio Theory....and as a failure expert, you must contemplate both the known and potential unknown.

When money can't buy Food and Fuel....the only two choices left for people is RIOT and/or STEAL.

As you and I knew this was the mathematicial outcome of the current FED policy of printing against a backdrop of declining the only issue for humanity is who has the "right" to eat as we enter Les Miserables 2.0....

1.  The Hungry Person Who Lives In The System?

2.  The Government Worker With A Gun Who Oversees The System?

3.  The Person That Produced The Food Under The Protection Of Government?

And if ALL Three have a gun.....we have an interesting situation, don't we?

It is amazing how easy this was to foresee yet so few could or chose to bury their heads in the sand.....

But in the end, I am still more optimitic than you.......and I am sure we will be laughing over a beer after this very convulsive period plays out.

XXXXXXXX aka Alstry

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