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A Finger was Waggled



September 13, 2007 – Comments (0)

I was robbed. It was in 2003. At the time I did not know I was being robbed, but someone I trusted warned me I was. In fact in 2003 they started collecting evidence in order to help convict the (alleged) criminals. In fact the alleged criminals were stealing from a lot of people. $1.00 here, another there. And boy did it add up. Slightly less than $9,500,000. Each year since 2003. They got within striking distance of stealing $40,000,000.

And how were they doing this stealing? I am not surprised you ask as they may be stealing from you too. In fact, my friend says, there are other people committing exactly the same crime in exactly the same way.

They were selling one gallon bottles of organic milk. But the bottles did not have one gallon of organic milk in them. They had no organic milk in them. None at all. And they got caught. My friend took pictures, used satellite imagery and generally got annoying in exposing the fraud being perpetrated. In 2003 he went to the US Dept of agriculture with his evidence and they commenced an investigation. And the USDA found "willfull" violations of organic standards. "Willfull". In your face. Screw you. Not by accident. And with $40mil in their pockets I guess they could afford to say screw you. To me, to you. To the United States of America, Department af Agriculture and all the Americans they are purported to protect.

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. Banned in Europe, Canada, Australia because it encourages the growth of cancer cells. But it is not banned here. Because we do not have a cancer epidemic in the United States so we can take chances. Monsanto makes it and puts it in cows. And my kids drank it because Aurora Dairy lied. I bought organic to avoid rBGH. But this lie put my kids at risk.

The Cornucopia Institute did the legwork and uncovered the crime. Then they turned the evidence over to the United States Dept of Agriculture. Over the course of the next four years an underfunded, understaffed USDA investigated (poorly as you might imagine) (maybe hoping the Cornucopia guys would go away) and eventually found clear crimes. Willfull violations they said.

Then the fines came down. The full strength of the Big Gov't United States law enforcement was brought to bear. To provide for the common defence. This is how we defend ourselves against criminals who rob us. $40mil to take back the stolen money, but that was not enough. That only makes them give back what they stole. Their organic certification was lifted. Additional fines were levied as punishment. Executive bank accounts were frozen. Jail. The dairy sold off to pay the fines.

Actually...  Aurora was told not to do it again. An index finger was waggled.

A small gov't is not a very strong gov't. It seems to be kind of a weakling.

Visit the Cornucopia Institute website. See who else the Institute has accused. And convicted. Look for those brands on the shelf of you favorite organic grocers. Shop elsewhere. Shop for products certified by someone other than the QAI. It wasn't cheap organic. It wasn't organic at all.


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