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A Foolish Easter Present For Everyone: The Gifts That Keep On Giving



April 12, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , UDN , USO

As we all know, accurate Qualitative assumptions is what seperate the great investors from the rest. I think this accounts for about 65-70% of any investors performance. But having the adequate quanative skilles is also neccessary. In other words investors need have both the skills to maximize their potential. For those who wish to better both these asepcts may find the books listed below a healthy addition to their investing careers. 

 Here is a list that helped me personally when it comes to investing (Quanatative). If an equity doesn't past the tests provided in the following list of books, I don't think twice.. but thats just me 

 1) Damadoran on Valuation- This is a must have, makes it easy to make your own valuation model in excel. He explores all the different valuation models and when and how to employee them.  

2) All Joel Greenblatt's Books- For those who don't know he ran a fund which posted incredible returns. The average investor may find helpful is "the little book that beats the market".  Don't be fooled by the name, I think the title was a joke personally.

 3) The intelligent Investor- BG - needs no intro. 


1) This is an essential book to understand business cycles, identifying bubbles far in advance of the burst. "Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles"- Jesus Huerta De Soto 

2) Jim Rogers- "Hot Commoditties" and "A Bull In China"  

3) Henry Hazzlitt- "What you should know about Inflation" 

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