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ContraryDude (37.55)

A Foolish Short Story - Chapter 1



April 16, 2010 – Comments (0)

Once upon a time, about tenmiles from the StockSyndicate, there lived an UltraLong goldminingXpert, Jim Cramer. Perhaps because he was a bit of a StatsGeek, Jim was in luvb2b when it came to camistocks! He met an EverydayInvestor code-named chk999. He was named that by the CodeJedi due to his topsecret09 clearance. They were walking in the ForestWoods one day (because the vanamonde was parked at the manucastle) and suddenly cried out "BravoBevo"! For Bevo was their name for a bear. It was not a SpecBear but rather, a BigFatBEAR named Daniel (danielthebear was taking a sh*t in the woods). He seemed to be wound Tacomatight so they offered him a lemon pie. "I'm not a lemoneater", he hissed. "You certainly are not, they are much more sweetpetite than you", was their reply.

About that time a floridabuilder2, Bill, said "TDRH!". Using Southern-speak software translator999 we know that means "Teacherman1 Daniel Requires Help". So what do you think he did? He gave him bullishbabo, a spicy meat from Vietnam. It makes a Tastylunch, we are told. Guess that depends on who you ask. So they crossed the bridgeboy0 and ignored TheHypnoToad to ask a TMFOtter who was swimming past. And he was just like, "I dunno - it's an EnigmaDude". So they went to see the

TheGreatSatan who replaced DemonDoug as the TickRTapeKing. He told them to build a house of cards. "It'll be a Sinch", he purred. What did he think, that they were Fools? What an OriginalJackass! JakilaTheHun did not mentor them to be a dwot in the universe.

Thus, the search continued for the holygrail41 of investing. We have since learned that it was eaten by a monkey on a goat on a tightrope.

We still don't know who the Gtrinvestor is to this day.

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