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A Little Background On Alstry



May 28, 2012 – Comments (1)

I used to run an investment fund....

I used to own a gas guzzlingHummer.....

I tore down a perfectly good house to build a more "updated" one....then....

I sold my house at the peak of the market, and now rent a few blocks from the house I sold.  I traded in my Hummer and now drive a 4 cylinder car.

The transition has been interesting and veryintellectually convulsive to say the least. I was raised as a capitalist....I started when I was three or four years old selling the leaves off my neighbor's tree to that same of America's most prominant psychologists at the time.

Later, after completing Law School, I became a self taught a student of Warren Buffett and Ben Graham......and Buffett was my "idol."  He was fair, honest and earned his money(the claim/promises for HUMAN production) through his own production.......until 2007/2008.

When the whole system collapsed.....which it should have due to excessive lending and borrowing by the banking system, government and the people.

Instead of purging all of the fraudulent and bankrupt debt.....we started borrowing more.....and I was amazed that Buffett said nothing.....

Until 2010, when he wrote an OPED in the NY Times admitting we all would have been bankrupt and EQUAL.....but for government bailing out the system and those with finanical assets.....but tens of millions of Americans were not bailed out.......which legally and morally created a situation not too different than slavery prior to the civil war, but color of one's skin was not the was who was fortunate to hold bailed out financial assets and who wasn't.  To this day, I am amazed that Buffett wrote a letter so contrary to Capitalism and his principles yet few have commented.

Essentially, America sold its soul to the devil in exchange for a few more years of perceived prosperity in a collapsing system.  But why?

Along the way, I think I figured it out.  Industrial Capalism is an infinite growth model of resource consumption against a world of finite resources.  Warren Buffett's best friend and the recipient of Warren's money, Bill Gates understands this issue very well....much better than Alstry.  The current form of Industrial Capitalism is a mathematically unsustainable model expecially if you consider the growing world's population and the increasing desire for more to consume unsustainably.

But there is an answer....a SUSTAINABLE OPEN SOURCE ECONOMIC MODEL.  A model where humanity advances consumption from resource based to digital/virtual/technologically based.  For example, online virtual school, books, music, banking, games, etc uses virtually no resources and requires very few people to maintain it.  Robotic manufacturing eliminates the need to control humans for boring and repetitive work and allows them to focus on much more creative outlets to advance humanity. is an excellent example of a Sustainable Open Source Model to advance humanity sustainably and at accelerating speeds.

To make the change from a HUMAN PRODUCTION resource consuming model to a TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTION digitally based world will take adjustments....but the quality of life will improve to levels few ever dreamed about....and the entire world will be able to participate without the need for billions to live in poverty..

It has been quite a ride with you Fools over the past few years.....but what most of you still fail to appreciate, the ride is just beginning.

Welcome to the  A place where we advance humanity from Unsustainable Industrial Functioning to a Sustainable and Prosperous Open Source Society and produce gains an amazing speeds.

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#1) On May 29, 2012 at 4:21 PM, trustyfrog (51.31) wrote:

I thought you claimed to be a computer or some such nonsense? LOL

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