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A more Bearish Vision: Does Obama Know What is Coming?



December 04, 2008 – Comments (11) | RELATED TICKERS: FAZ , AUY , SRS

A prudent man seeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and suffer for it.

Proverbs 27:12

My bearish narrative has played out in the stock market. abitare is #1 in points. abitarePERFECT was Top Fool on 21 Nov 08 and is top 20 in points. The play out in the real economy is just beginning and I expect most Americans are "simple" and are not prepared for what is coming and will "suffer for it" to varying degrees.

So lets take a look at another more Bearish vision from James Kunstler author of the Long Emergency and World Made by Hand. 

Does Mr. O Know?

01 Dec 08 

      A lot of readers are twanging on me for refraining to castigate President-elect Obama for deeds yet undone. They're discouraged by the advisors and cabinet sectetaries he's picked, ostensibly because the crew coming in are Washington "insiders," meaning they can't possibly see or do things differently.

     My own starting point for this is the belief that in the years just ahead any sociopolitical entity organized at the giant scale will flounder -- this includes everything from the federal government to global corporations to factory farms to centralized high schools to national retail chains. So even expecting Mr. Obama's government to act effectively may be asking too much in a situation that will require mostly local action.

      The meta-situation will be the overall decline of energy resources and the necessary downscaling of our activities. We are obviously in a transitional period between the old profligate energy economy and the new economy of relative scarcity. We have no idea how disorderly this transition will be, but there is certainly potential for tremendous instability in daily life.

      For a while, perhaps, the federal government may retain some ability to affect the way things go, or give the appearance of doing so. This raises the issue of what Mr. Obama and his team really know about our energy predicament. The president-elect has made some noises -- recently on the 60 Minutes show -- that he understands something about the current price dislocations in the oil markets resulting from the larger financial turmoil. He alluded to the public's erroneous notion that current low-ish oil prices mean the oil problem is over. But does the incoming president know some of the following details?

     For instance, does Mr. O know that global oil production appears to have peaked at around 85 million barrels a day, with poor prospects of ever getting beyond that? This single naked fact has broad ramifications, above all whether we can continue to think in terms of industrial "growth" as the benchmark for economic health. There are many interpretations of the current financial fiasco. Some of them are based on long-term technical wave theories. A more down-to-earth view suggests the shock of peak oil -- though it doesn't exclude wave theories.

     Does Mr. O know that world oil discovery has fallen to insignificant levels after peaking long ago in the 1960s. Does he know we are finding no more super-giant oil fields on the scale of Arabia's Ghawar or Mexico's Cantarell, which have supplied most of the world's oil for the past forty years and are now running down? Does he know that you can't produce oil that hasn't been discovered?  Does Mr. O know that virtually all the oil-producing nations have entered production decline. Surely someone has whispered in his ear about the IEA's projection that global oil production would fall 9.1 percent in the coming year.

      Does Mr. O know that oil exports have been trending to decline at a steeper rate than oil depletion? That is, the exporting nations are losing their ability to send oil to the importers (like us) at a rate mathematically greater than the run-down in their production.They are using more of their own oil even while their production is going down. For example, Mexico is depleting overall at more than 9 percent a year (with the Cantarell field alone running down at more than 15 percent annually). Does he know Mexico's net exports are crashing? Mexico has been our number three leading source of imports. In a very few years they will not be able to send us any oil. A deluded American public has no idea that this is happening. Will Mr. O explain it to them?

     Does Mr. O know that the "old major" oil companies (Exxon-Mobil, Texaco, Shell, et al) produce less than 10 percent of the world's oil now -- the other 90 percent coming from the foreign nationals -- and that blaming them for the situation is a waste of time. The foreign national companies are changing the landscape of the oil markets. They're making special contracts with "favored customers" rather than just putting their oil up for auction on the futures markets. One thing you can infer from this is that we're entering a period of national oil hoarding based on coming scarcity. The futures markets were based on relative abundance, and they will not operate very well in a climate of scarcity. Consider that the USA will probably not be among the "favored customers" for several oil producing nations. Figure that in with the coming loss of imports from Mexico (and Venezuela and Nigeria).

     Does Mr. O know that the current drop in oil prices (due to massive financial deleveraging) has resulted in the cancellation or postponment of the very oil production projects that were hoped to offset the coming depletions? It's not worth it for an oil enterprise (private or foreign) to drill in deepwater or venture into arctic regions when oil is priced at $50-a-barrel -- if it costs $80 to get the stuff out of the ground. It's not worth digging up tar sands in Canada at that price. This halt in activity is going to boomerang back on the US in a year or so, with depletions ongoing everywhere and no new oil to take its place. Does Mr. O know that we're just as likely to see shortages as a resuming rise in oil prices here in the US during his coming term?

     Does Mr. O know that the current re-inflation program being run by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve is so egregious that it may lead to loss of the dollar's legitimacy, to the renunciation of dollar holdings by other nations, to the down-rating of US Treasury debt instruments, and finally to an inability of the US to purchase foreign oil -- which comprises two-thirds of all the oil we use every day?
     Does Mr. O know that we are not going to run the US automobile and truck fleet on any combination of alt.fuels? Continuing it by other means is a fantasy that will only disappoint us. The motoring era is coming to an end. Heroic investments in highway infrastructure to create jobs will be a tragic waste of our dwindling capital. The pressure for Mr. O to make these misinvestments will be enormous, perhaps insurmountable. There are probably not a thousand people in the US who agree with what I am saying -- meaning the consensus to keep the cars running at all costs overwhelms reality at the moment. Does Mr. O's concept of "change" include the possibility that we may have to live very differently in this society?

     Chances are, if Mr. O knows any of these things he might be crucified in the polls and the media by acknowledging them. The only "change" that America really wants to hear about is evicting George Bush from the White House. They're sick of him and all the disturbance he has caused in their financial affairs. But beyond that, the American public is deathly afraid of the kind of changes we actually face -- such as, the end of consumer culture, the gross loss of value in suburban real estate (which forms the bulk of the middle class's private wealth), the prospect of food and fuel scarcities, the need to re-localize our lives, the need to physically shape up to stop the costly and unnecessary drain on our medical resources, to grow more of our own food, to work harder at things that actually matter, and to save whatever we can for a difficult future.

     If Mr. O introduces any of these themes into the national discourse, the public and the media and the bloggers will all dump on him for failing to prop up the wild party that American life became in recent decades.

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#1) On December 04, 2008 at 7:52 AM, Bankwatcher1 (23.12) wrote:

Of course he knows. He is just the next puppet in line. BTW...most of his cabinet are either directly or indirectly connected with the IMF and the CFR. This alone should indicate what is to come.

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#2) On December 04, 2008 at 10:37 AM, Gemini846 (34.82) wrote:

Amazing isn't it. You thought you were at the polls voting for either socialisim or the neo-cons and it turns out you were just voiting for O'same instead of Mc'same.

 O'same kinda like O'sama right?

I guess I better get my parents to teach me how to farm before they die.

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#3) On December 04, 2008 at 7:36 PM, Tastylunch (28.66) wrote:

Now that post is bearish.

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#4) On December 04, 2008 at 8:12 PM, DemonDoug (31.05) wrote:

I've seen grizzly bears less bearish than that. +1 rec

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#5) On December 04, 2008 at 9:26 PM, jgseattle (26.14) wrote:

If this is true OIL is still a good investment while the transition takes place. 

You cannot change quickly and the oil economy will go down screaming.

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#6) On December 04, 2008 at 9:43 PM, JGus (28.19) wrote:

This adds more fuel to the "DON'T BAIL OUT THE BIG 3" fire! What's the point of rescuing failing companies in an industry that is doomed to fail anyway? This post kinda makes me want to rush out and sell our only car before it becomes worthless : )

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#7) On December 04, 2008 at 9:46 PM, JGus (28.19) wrote:

Oh, and here's an awesome video on Peak Oil. It explains in very simple terms how serious and imminent the problem is.

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#8) On December 04, 2008 at 10:43 PM, RVAspeculator (28.21) wrote:

As someone who sold USO puts in Nov. let me tell you that reading "peak oil" kind of gets me riled up now.  

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#9) On December 05, 2008 at 10:53 AM, abitare (30.02) wrote:


Thank you for the replies. JGus, outstanding find. 

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#10) On December 16, 2008 at 2:21 AM, Donnernv (< 20) wrote:


Getting a little tiresome hearing about your "points".  Give it a rest.

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#11) On December 16, 2008 at 3:11 AM, DaretothREdux (59.21) wrote:

hmmm points...

  Donnernv: 23.75

   abitare: 99.75

You're right he has many points. If you don't want to hear them, don't read his blogs. But trust me when I say this. No one cares what you have to say.

Great post abitare! Keep 'em comin'

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