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alstry (< 20)

A Nation Addicted To Consumption



July 05, 2010 – Comments (1)

The only reason most Americans have jobs is because Americans consume massively....with borrowed money....not with production anymore.

For the past thirty years our bankers and executives have been outsourcing American production jobs overseas and replacing it with consumption time went on our revenues dropped so bankers increased the lending to stimulate the economy and permitting us to consume more and more.......and boy did we consume after borrowing $30 trillion dollars in the last decade.

Borrowing ever increasing amounts of money we didn't have over the past few decades is not too much different than Madoff running his ponzi scheme for thirty years.

The lending stimulous worked until the bankers started cutting off the private sector from credit a few years ago....when Alstry started blogging. Very much like when Madoff ran out of funding....his game was over. It was clear to Alstry that unless we restructured the debt, tax receipts would evaporate and America would shut down.....

It is simply impossible to service $55 trillion dollars of public and private debt in an economy based on credit funded consumption AFTER the credit has been cut back.  The debt will suck the life out of cash flow that otherwise would have gone to goods and services.

Our addiction to consumption has infected our politicans, economists, and populous.  Practically every city, county, state, and pension fund is bankrupt yet all we can think about is how we can consume more?

We are broke....yet so few are willing to accept and confront the problem like we did in the Great Depression.......until we will be forced to confront the issue as government is cut off of credit....which is starting to happen now.

Just like a crack addict who will do anything to get money to satisfy his fix.....often resorting to apprears we will be forced to do the same to satisfy our consumption addiction.  Why forced?   Because the bankers we just bailed out are cutting off our credit dependent consumption economy.

It still amazes me how a country of otherwise educated people could bail out a few bankers and politicians and not bail out the nation from a massive debt knew without restructuring the debt, that the nation would go bankrupt.....while the bankers and politicians would eventually take over whatever little production remained.

We are broke...there is no way getting around it....collectively government is now borrowing $2 trillion dollars per year simply so we can continue consuming without really producing relatively that much.....and now about 100,000,000 million non producing Americans are dependent on free money from government to keep the consumption machine moving....

we actually are subsidizing non producing people to take the production of producing people...and then penalizing the pruducing people for producing by taxing them?

It is clear that our consumption populous and politicians refuse to break the consumption there is only one option left to get necessary production while the bankers shut down and outsource production in America....and that will be to attack other nations and force them to give us their production.....

Without making a moral judgment on whether it is right to steal from other nations....the concern should be whether the other nations are prepared for such behavior and have devised a stratagy to fight back?  Like maybe attacking one of our oil wells in the Gulf shutting down the Southeastern portion of our nation........or something even more sinister.....

because there are a growing number of people out there who want to take away our freedoms to consume their production......but with over 700 military bases in 140 will be guranteed to be a good fight....a fight unlike any we have seen before ushering us into the Digital Age.

Alstry was the nation's foremost expert on Concentric Contraction....and the foreseeable impact on society...he was one of the few that forecasted that nearly every city, county and state in America would go bankrupt....and he knew that if the nation couldn't break its consumption addiction as production would be forced to attack other nations to take their production.

Now revenues and production have dropped so low around America....that time is getting more and more lose their jobs....the options on our government are very limited as they know they will be forced to face the wrath of our own people......

It is interesting times indeed as we are all now Dependent on government to survive...and government is running out of money......the options are few and the stakes are many more ways than most of you could ever imagine.

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#1) On July 05, 2010 at 3:01 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

How will people consume when computers do most of the production in the Digital Age?

LOS ANGELES – Negotiators in a labor dispute between shippers and clerical workers met for several hours Sunday despite the Independence Day holiday, but a strike at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach showed no signs of ending on its fourth day.

The shippers are seeking to use new computer programs allowing customers to access booking information, a move that the union has said would endanger jobs.

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