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A note to the NY Times...



May 29, 2008 – Comments (1)

I just sent this to one of the Times business writers, the guy who typically reports on housing numbers from the government without putting them into the right context, or bothering to mention their relative reliability. (Something we discussed here.)

We'll see if there's a response.



Hi Mr. Bajaj,

From your recent article home home sales, I notice you and the NYT continue to ignore the very important margins of error in your reporting of government figures on new home sales, as well as representing the largely meaningless month-to-month changes as the headline-worthy news, when the year-to-year difference is the one to watch. Is there any reason you and the Times don't have a more responsible reporting policy on these numbers? You do your readers a major disservice to report them with no regard to their context and relative reliability.


Seth Jayson

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#1) On May 29, 2008 at 12:08 PM, wolfhounds (42.86) wrote:

If you had started reading the NYT in HS (as we were required to in the 60's) you would have noticed long ago a general detioration of reporting accuracy and quality years ago. Many of us who quoted the Times as the bible have stopped reading it.

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