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reddingrunner (92.03)

A Real Hidden Gem!



September 18, 2007 – Comments (0)

I try to find CAPS players who can point me to great stocks I might otherwise miss, but it isn't easy.  Lots of all-stars jack up their points through methods that don't really relate to real life.  Finally today I found a player whose portfolio was chock-full of great ideas- I added a bunch of them to my own CAPS picks today.

The mystery player with the awkward name and no personal info or blogs nevertheless is ranked 130 in CAPS with an accuracy of over 70% and average pick up about 8 vs the S&P- all after less than one month in CAPS!

And he has done it without underperforms and with a highly diversified portfolio of fast growing stocks in what has obviously been a very challenging four week period.  

Can he keep it up?  Who knows?  But I found some great stocks to cherry-pick.  Maybe you will too:

(Note: "RDK" seems to have some other portfolios as well, maybe he's testing out different theories or screens.  You can find him by searching players for "RDK".  The above portfolio is the one I found most helpful).

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