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A song parody...



October 29, 2007 – Comments (2) honor of the man who can't make ends meet on a measly $25,000,000.

 You don't own me/I'm not just one of your warm bods/You don't own me/Don't say I can't tryout with other squads.

You can't show me so little love/You can't do me the disgrace/Of insulting my hot glove/By putting me at third base.

You don't own me/I'm the best player in the whole world/You don't own me/Let the A-Rod banners be unfurled!

You don't pay me near enough/You only cough up 25 mil/How'm I supposed to feed my fam?/What if one of the kids takes ill?

You don't own me/You can't keep Yankeeing me around/You don't own me/Your dead-end contract's tying me down.

(Crescendo)You don't know how great I am/You don't deserve me on your team/My poop is honey-glazed ham/My eyes shoot laser beams! 

You don't own me....

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#1) On October 29, 2007 at 12:10 PM, hall9999 (91.57) wrote:

  This would be a good time for a vocal performance in a CAPS video.

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#2) On October 29, 2007 at 5:31 PM, FleaBagger (27.47) wrote:

I'm months away from the initiative/know-how/equipment to do that. But it does help if you imagine A-Rod lip-synching to Leslie Gore's voice.

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