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A Special Udder World Thanks To The Children



November 24, 2011 – Comments (0)


In our current industrial economic system, predatory lending are loans that one knows or should know can't be paid back. The origin of the laws prohibiting such behavior rest in fraud, counterfeiting and theft. When nations borrow money they know the current generation can't pay back, they are essentially stealing the kids money by robbing their future production.


The elderly should thank the kids for their retirement/medicaid payments and the value of their investment accounts being butressed by borrowing the children's money that the elderly can never pay back.

The parents should thank the kids for their jobs/paychecks and retirement accounts being supported by the spending generated though borrowing the kid's money that the parents cannot pay back.

The bankers/Wall Street Execs should thank the kids for their solvency and BIG bonuses generated by borrowing the kid's money that the bankers will not pay back.

The politicians should thank the kids for salaries being paid by borrowing the kid's money that the politicians are unable to pay back.

In the end, the only people really not benefitting from borrowing the kids money are those NOT being bailed out and the kids themselves.

And children, if you protest this behavior, you will be pepper sprayed.

Please, on this Thanksgiving Day, forgive them for they know not what they do.
One in 5 US children poor, Census says

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