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A Tandy Build Your Own 3-D Printer at Radio Shack



January 12, 2014 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: RSHCQ

From our discussion on the Value Hounds discussion board...looking for a broader conversation.  I appreciate any comments.



ok, full disclosure...I live in the Northeast, which is really different from most of the country.  I'm also a little long in the tooth and a bit cranky.  I hate big stores.  It takes too long to get in them, around them and out of them; also too long to find out if they even have what I need (and I hardly ever need anything) and/or anybody who can tell me if what I need is indeed what I need; I often misunderstand my problem.   

The more complicated the world gets, the more I appreciate being able to walk in to a place, tell them my problem, be offered a solution at a reasonable price and get on with my real life.  This function is well served by my local hardware store for the analog, but for the digital, Radio Shack is my first choice (and I admit to having very few digital problems).

Note that for most of my problems, on-line purchases are not an alternative.  I want my problem taken care of now, not days later when a UPS truck shows...and heaven forfend should I misunderstand my problem.

Old(er) people, cranky people, impatient people and uncertain people are all good candidates for what Radio Shack has to offer...and most of us have at least a passing knowledge of who/what RS is, or was back in our day of buying Tandy kits or resistors with just the right color bands on them.  

There is a budding DIY sub-culture out there; how to build your own 3-D printer, how to change your own cellphone battery, etc. I can't imagine looking for help at Best Buy for that.  I don't know if RS caters to that small but growing crowd, but they certainly could, and probably should.

A Tandy 3-D printer.  Really, now, should that not already exist?

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