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Varchild2008 (84.03)

A Theory Evolved Away from Alstry's Concen. Contract: HEMI-SWITCH



October 01, 2009 – Comments (2)

Simple theory of mine previous stated but without a name.... HEMI-SWITCH.
It's the 2nd dip of the recession folks!

America is evolving from Alstry's concentric contraction and we have entered heavily now into what is known as "HEMI-SWITCH."   I think the *peak* of HEMI-SWITCH Turmoil is Spring of 2010 in which Whirlpool shuts down a Manufacturing Plant here in America, with a loss of 1000 jobs, and moves the plant to Mexico.

I believe that the beginning of 2009, in which we saw American Axle shuttering their doors in Detroit and taking refuge in Mexico was the first sign of HEMI-SWITCH.

As America has undergone Concentric Contraction with the rest of the globe...out from the pile of rubble comes HEMI-SWITCH.  

Europe + Canada + Mexico + Asia  rebounding economically.....Recession is ending for them and recovery is happening....  Mexico is going to continue to see U.S. businesses heading to them and generating Job Creation.   We may start to see Americans immigrating to Mexico just to get a job...Or Commuting...

Can you imagine that?  Worried one day about Mexicans flooding over the border to work in America and now we may see Americans flooding over the border to work in Mexico!

HEMI-SWITCH is not HEMISPHERICAL  SWITCHING.... As I just said..Canada and Mexico are doing fine.

Rather what is going on is the #1 Superpower  AMERICA  is suffocating under endless recession...with no rebound in sight....  But, where does all of the resources, energy, business, economic prosperty go?  It simply leaves AMERICA and goes "elsewhere."

What does HEMI-SWITCH mean for the Stock Market?

It means you better make sure your company's are generating NEW or INCREASED Sales/Revenue  Growth outside of the U.S.   You better make sure there's Foreign Business to offset AMERICAN ISOLATIONIST  Concentric Contraction.

The GLOBE isn't contracting........Only AMERICA folks...  And with that means prosperity for all who do not live in America.

Is there any hope?  of course.....   2010 Nov. Elections could result in Conservatives gaining seats over Liberals and then pushing out the necessary legislative DE-REGULATION and DE-TAXATION that must happen RAPIDLY....

We need a MASSIVE Series of Breath-taking Federal Spending Cuts beyond your wildest imaginations.

America has to do a 180 degree exaggerated SLASH-A-THON of Spending to at least equal the percentage increase of spending in 2009.

America's job growth CAN HAPPEN in 2011.... problem is that there will be more concentric contraction for Americans in 2010.   September was a month that proved ALSTRY (correct) but did so behind Wall Streeter's backs....  A good number of company's have reported Job cuts by the hundreds if not thousands in September...

Latest that I know of?  (WIN) Windstream   slashing over 200 jobs.

We've seen a spike in jobless claims by the tens of thousands....

We have (GE) joining with (WHR) in seeing GLOOM in America but BOOM in Asia.

That has been a rallying cry across all sectors of the economy...   BOOM = Elsewhere  GLOOM = AMERICA.


GLOOM?    America.

Hence?    Superpower America is handing off it's superpower status to the rest of the Globe at its own Peril.  HEMI-SWITCH.      Many countries in the OTHER Hemisphere will rise to become more powerful economically than America.

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#1) On October 01, 2009 at 5:21 PM, chk999 (99.96) wrote:

I agree that Canada is very well positioned for the future. With a stable government and all those resources it will be difficult for it not to do well. India will probably do well too, there are many very smart people there and the middle class is growing rapidly.

Mexico? They have a lot of advantages, but until they get crime and corruption under better control I would be hesitant to buy more companies there. The drug gangs leaving beheaded bodies around is not a good invitation to investment.

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#2) On October 01, 2009 at 5:35 PM, Varchild2008 (84.03) wrote:

Mexico has issues of course but with WHIRLPOOL, American Axle, and so many other company's not publicly traded on the stock market moving their business to Mexico it only equals Job Creation for Mexico.

Besides.... America's got Corruption and Murder all over the place.  I live NORTH of CHICAGO  and CENTER of Murder Heaven here in Metro Detroit.

Latest News Stories..

A)  Guy found debt in Pontiac sitting in his newer model lincoln, slumped over the steering wheel with a gun shut wound.

B)  Sterling Heights Bank Robbery....

C)  Cops pull over speeder....Speeder escapes into Royal Oak.  All Royal Oak schools are shut down for precautionary reasons as Cops chase Fugitive.

All that... for 1 in good ole crime free America.

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