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A World of Unlimited Supply and No Labor



October 30, 2011 – Comments (1)

When America "advanced" from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age, our population was about 50,000,000.  Today, the population of America exceeds 300,000,000.

Historically, the tractor eliminated the need for over 90% of the farmers.... however, industrialization absorbed all of those farmers and millions more into jobs.  Now what will people do when technology replaces industrial jobs?

IBM Watson and technology like it will be as convulsive to the Industrial Age as the tractor was to the Agricultural Age.  Tens of millions of industrial jobs globally are being replaced or eliminated.

foxconn is replacing 1 million manufacturing workers with robots
email is replacing millions of postal workers globally
digital delivery of books, music, movies and games is replacing retail stores

For the first time in history, humanity can produce an essentially UNLIMITED SUPPLY digital goods and services without material consumption of resurces or human input.  Digital Books, Digital Movies, Digital News, Digital Music, Digital Education, to name a few.....and rapid advancements in Digital Health Care, Digital Communication, and Digital Banking/Money.

How we make the transition from the Industrial Age to the Technological Age is still uncertain...the two most likely paths are war and/or industrial economic collapse.  The change will be convulsive to our current way of life....but in the long run, humanity will advance to levels few could have imagined as we head into the


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