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imakeyouricher (< 20)

AAPL,TAG,KO Bankrupt?.... Screw them! Get gains you need to grow!



April 07, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: PPMIQ.DL , ARWR , PCBC.DL

I am not much for writing but i hate to see the same stocks over and over and over.

I make 90% of my money by trading stock. I am in school for science at a community college. I had a license in 2000 and now i make more money then i did then.

I have seen my stocks at  3-6$ a share grow more then my 40-50$. I asked myself why and came up with the easiest answer. My generation (30 yrs old) are alll getting in. We see the 239$ price tag of AAPL and are looking for our own unicorn. At 3$ we can buy 2k-5k shares and feel better then buying 30 shares of AAPL.

I am giving my cream list to anyone who wants to make money now. My friends started to and now they talk stock to me, it will catch on and this correction in the banking market can already be seen in the home market sector.

PMI SOMX PCBC DRL KOG GSS   ARWR KAD ..the last two i trade intraweek alot.

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#1) On April 07, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Turfscape (< 20) wrote:

So...what you're saying is let's make the bubble a little bigger?

I mean, if the reason for your stock growth is because 'your generation' is "all getting in", then what's to stop everything from imploding when 'your generation' decides it's time to all get out?

Hey, you know what? I can help you make some money, too...See, I've got some stocks that are really low right now. If you buy a bunch of those stocks too, then the price will start to go up. If you tell your friends to buy that stock, as well, the price will go up even more! We'll ALL be rich! Hooray! know what? I'll stick with identifying a company's value and potential and making my buys based on that!

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#2) On April 22, 2010 at 5:11 PM, imakeyouricher (< 20) wrote:

Its not going break! Why you ask? Simple all the boomers out there got their little nest egg trying to work for them right. Now half of the US just hit 65 years old.The money is there and with healthcare and resonable thinking your looking for 10 good money years for them to live. I see that money subsiding in a generation of 40 year olds getting some of that cash. You will se a buying like never before, a free cash system. The jones will be in every house.

I do look at valuif you see my stocks, you can see the correction they went thru they didnt have leverage for safety. The bullies undercut them and they did it so much and so quick their books looked like a bunch of johnny come lately's!

I'm not knocking your stocks at all.(i like the fundamentals on all of them even) I thinkin of putting NM in my portfolio, but i dont have 100K in the market, i got 30k. I cant buy those stocks and most of them are doing a great job of never splitting anytime soon. I am just saying just because its not fundamentally sound , it's NOT the worst idea in the world! MSFT even started out with resistance!


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