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Above freezing again



December 13, 2011 – Comments (0)

The weather is incredibly screwy here in the north.  My second year here it was so cold this time of year, well, when I got back from xmas holidays my car was completely frozen.  The gears wouldn't move; you couldn't shift from park to drive.  There wasn't enough power in the battery to start my car and I ended up having to get it towed to shop where it could be put inside to thaw it out.  I came back on a Saturday afternoon and I was late for work on Monday morning and stuck 2 nights in a hotel in Ft Nelson. 

 My next year away at xmas I had a jerk watching my home who was supposed to do some work for me, which was the reason he had the keys.  He left without forwarding the keys and my furnace did not start.  I came home to a frozen house and a massive insurance claim to fix all of the plumbing and the the ceiling between the floors which was totally damaged with water and cut to pieces by the plumbers needing access to the pipes.  I'd left really clear instructions for looking after my home so I was covered because the negligence wasn't mine.

It was below -30 for both of these.  Propane doesn't gel until -37 so it was in that range for my furnace to have gone out.

It is +2C or 36F right now.  The wind has been pretty strong.  Last week when it went into the mid 50sF the wind blew the cap thing off one of the stacks in my roof.

I suppose all the cold we are supposed to have is being blown south somewhere.

This kind of weather change has got to be really screwing up some northern communities that depend on ice roads in the winter.  The ice roads allow them to get supplies for the year into their communities.  Everything else has to be flown in.  I just looked up Nahanni Butte, and their ice road is closed; "The Nahanni Butte Ice Bridge is temporarily closed due to warm temperature causing major overflows."

The ferry over the MacKenzie near Ft Providence is still operating.  I took my students to a youth conference there last March and we had to drive the ice bridge.  I think it was in March.  The current lack of cold does make me think about whether I'll take them this year.  

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