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Added to Intel Position in IRA



October 02, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: INTC , MSFT , BB

I added to Intel a few days ago fairly significantly in my IRA.  The add is listed in my comments in that position.  As always, I note that my CAPS picks are my only individual stock holdings, and include all of my holdings.  Checks are my largest positions currently (sometimes as a result of appreciation, note).  When I sell out completely I remove the position from CAPS.

My reasons for liking Intel have been detailed at length by me and by others.  It is cheap.  The world is convinced it is going to go the way of Palm and RIMM, and I just don't see it.  So it has a 4% dividend and sub 10 P/E and even forward P/E.  It was hit recently as a result of reduced revenue guidance, but that's a one or two-year issue.  Looking out a decade, this looks like a winner to me.

As I have stated previously, as well, I'll reevaluate my Wintel love after Windows 8 really gets kicking.  It's possible the naysayers are right, and so I'll keep my eye on it.  When something like Blackberry happens, you see it coming.  Your IT department starts talking about how everyone will be able to get iPhones and Androids in the next product upgrade (which is how I knew RIMM was toast in 6/2011).  No such talk re: Wintel systems in my company, though I am aware of what is happening to the consumer computer market.  It bears watching.  However, I don't see the cliff yet, especially for Intel, which has a good opportunity to compete in the mobile space anyway.

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