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Against the grain, a shameless plug



November 12, 2009 – Comments (0)

I don't normally plug my service here, but I'm proud of the stuff we're doing at HG, so here it is.

You've all read the news. Mac & cheese boxes with the same price, but an ounce less inside. Shortchanging kids in the cereal aisle. Worst of all, stealth efforts to get you to spare a square by putting less TP on your tube. A lot of companies out there have looked for ways to squeeze profits out of you by giving you less or charging you more. But you don't get that from us at Hidden Gems.

We want you to have as many squares as you need, whether you're a folder or a crumpler. But since we have very little pull with Mr. Whipple, we've concentrated on providing more for our members. We began last March, moving HG to a real-money portfolio. We kept the 2-per-month best ideas in small cap stocks, but added real-time buys with our portfolio, as well as up-to-date guidance on every stock in our classic recommendation base.

That means about twice as much service as before, but we have just kept pouring it on.

Here are a few of our more recent additions and efforts. First, our latest addition, Hidden Gems Portfolio 360.


The goal was to give members a trip around the entire HG portfolio in 60 seconds -- or around the whole HG universe, which will take 60 minutes or more. Toward that end, I've designed this report to put summary tables and charts at your fingertips. Inside you'll find:

An alternate look at our individual stock returns that incorporates dividends and benchmark performance against same-day, equal-dollar purchases in the S&P 500 Index ETF and the iShares Russell 2000 Small Cap Index ETF.

A "classic" style returns table for our Portfolio Candidates (an unofficial return that we don't provide on the website.)

Charts illustrating our current real-money sector allocation, Portfolio Candidate sector allocation, and our total actions since adding our real-money portfolio.

Tables with detailed information on all actions taken on HG Portfolio Candidates and real-money moves, all past HG Watch List stocks, and all past Tiny Gems.

Valuation videos, we've been doing for a few months. These run 25 minutes or so and give members an in-depth explanation of the assumptions we're using when we create our valuation models, so they can determine whether our target prices are reasonable or not. We provide a PDF handout with these with a summary of the model assumptions.


Last, our recent Weekly Baggers & Laggers. This is a weekly feature where we run through the prior week's action, so that if you've been waiting for a chance to get your BWLD shares cheap, for example, you'll be alerted that said drop has arrived, and why. We also provide a pdf of the presentation so members can consult it offline, for those who don't have the bandwidth for video ,or who are just sickened by my smooth-jazz DJ voice.


If you want to see what we're up to, a trial is risk free. (Meaning you don't get charged if you think we stink.)

I now return you to my regularly scheduled blogrants.


TEH WORLD as you KNOW it coming to an end! Buy GOLD! The economy is teetering on the brink!!!


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