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Alan Greenspan cashes out. A Fool? A Crook? or Maestro?



January 20, 2008 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SKF , SRS

Alan Greenspan aka "creator of Housing Bubble" cashes out and joins third hedge-fund to profit from housing collapse. The "Maestro" or a fool or a crook? What legacy does Greenspan leave? It makes me feel a  little sorry for dollar destroying Helicopter Ben....

WSJ reporting: 

Greenspan Will Join Paulson as an Adviser

"It is the third consulting contract Mr. Greenspan, 81 years old, has signed since leaving the Fed after 18 years as chairman in January 2006 and establishing his own company, Greenspan Associates"

Mr. Greenspan has said he would only consult with one client in each industry, and thus Paulson, with assets of $28 billion, is the only hedge fund he will work for directly. Still, all three of his clients have profited from a bearish view on housing and mortgages.

"Housing and mortgage markets have been of intense personal interest to Mr. Greenspan since the 1960s, and he devoted hours of personal and Fed staff research time to the subject. That could come in handy for Paulson. Last year, one of its credit hedge funds rose by about 590% thanks to bets that the housing market would weaken and that mortgages given to borrowers with sketchy credit would drop in value.

John Paulson, who founded the firm in 1994, lately has been making investments that he hopes will pay off if other kinds of consumer debt lose value, financial companies run into more problems and the overall economy slumps. In a late October presentation to investors, "The Worst Is Yet To Come," Mr. Paulson said the hedge fund anticipates lower housing prices, a decline in consumer spending, rising credit costs, and a slowdown in the economy so deep that lower interest rates might not help very much. His firm has been reducing its exposure to stock markets.

Mr. Greenspan helped fuel the housing bubble by keeping interest rates at 1% from 2003 to 2004, and then raising them too slowly. Mr. Greenspan has argued that low rates were necessary to eliminate the risk of dangerous deflation, or generally falling prices. He has also said global forces that held down long-term interest rates world-wide were the primary reason housing prices soared around the world. Yesterday, he said many of the criticisms of his record are simply wrong in diagnosing what caused the problems in housing and mortgage markets."

Greenspan Defends Himself:


4 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On January 20, 2008 at 6:36 AM, abitare (30.09) wrote:

I reposted after reconsidering my previous title. Sorry to any sci-fi fans, who might have understood the meaning.

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#2) On January 20, 2008 at 8:32 PM, floridabuilder2 (98.12) wrote:

i would say idiot first now crook

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#3) On January 21, 2008 at 2:33 AM, DemonDoug (30.95) wrote:

He is a crook.  He is a liar.  Why?  It's simple: He was hired to do a job, and that job was to advance the wealth of the people who hired him (Big Bankers).  He did that job very well.  Just look at the CEO and executive pay of GS, MER, C, BSC, JPM, and... 100m to the soon to be ex CEO of CFC.  Pays are disgusting.  But they can directly thank Greenspan, as it was under his direction that allowed these people to make that kind of cheese, oh and as a side benefit Big Oil also crushed everyone.  Everyone else pretty much got hosed, especially the average american income earner.  It all goes to the question, when someone is so blatantly off base: are they incompetent or dishonest?  I believe that someone in Greenspan's position does not get there with incompetence, which leads to only dishonesty.

Now, the majority of people in the house and senate and also many local governments - we could easily make the case for both incompetence and dishonesty.  I wouldn't be surprised if most politicians could not tell me the difference between the 4th and 5th amendments (search and seizure v. self-incrimination), and any lawmaker who doesn't know the law is incompetent in my book.  Add to that that most are pandering dishonest politicos, and there we go.

But Greenspan knows economics.  He just is a lying liar bastard.

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#4) On January 21, 2008 at 8:22 AM, abitare (30.09) wrote:


From my previous post, I called Greenspan - Darth Sidious. A step above crook and liar. Darth Sidious was the Palpatine (a politician) who betray the republic a powerful Sith Lord who practices the dark side of the Force. He initiates and manipulates the Clone Wars to destroy the Jedi and establish the totalitarian Galactic Empire.

Greenspan appears to have betray the American people by helping to destoying the dollar and middle class.

I agree Alan Greenspan knew the consequence of what he was doing. It is amazing a guy at 81 would want such a legacy. I am not sure Greenspan could guage the level of the dollar fall or housing implosion, but he working for those who are profiting from the implosion.

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