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Alberto Gonzalez, if eight were fired, then who was not?



April 10, 2007 – Comments (2)

O.K. Now I am embarrassed. That is a question that should have jumped right off the page at me. 

Innocent until proven guilty is the rule of law I still live by. But I am glad evidence is being collected, because I'm betting they tried it.


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#1) On April 12, 2007 at 8:24 AM, ifthenelsenull (36.17) wrote:

        Well unfortunately it jumped off an obviously slanted page and would have had to jump three spaces to the right to be considered left wing.  The US Attourneys serve at the pleasure of the president and hey when he's not pleased your going to go.  It's no different than any of us.  If we fail to do what our boses want then it's packing time.  I could day yeah but I'm working so hard and my boss could say so what get out.  That's the way things work.  Remember President cleaned house and I assure you he didn't appoint Republicans with a strict rule of law bent.  This is just another political nonsense grandstanding.  Yes I did something worse but it was a long time ago and things were different... cue crocodile tears... we so care for the rule of law and justice must prevail.  Liars, they only care for 2 things money and power.  
        The legal system is as corrput as the political system.  Think about it you simply spin the wheel of justice and something comes out.  Look at Nifong, Genarlo Wilson, OJ, Sean Combs, Earnest Newton, the corrupt LA politicians.  It has nothing to do with what you did but how much money and power you have.  The only time it doesn't work is when the race card gets played.  
        Justice is not blind, she is suffering from near sightedness and all of us will suffer for her lack of fairness.  Our legal system is suppossed to be impartial and it is... for those who can afford it.  The US Attourneys are in a similar spot.  Were the firings politically motivated?  The answer is of course.  They are appointed by the president who is the chief politican why wouldn't he make political moves?  Let's just get over the reality and tell the politicians to shut up and get to work because they weren't elected to campaign.         

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#2) On April 12, 2007 at 7:18 PM, devoish (72.83) wrote:


How's the baby? I hope all is well.


I love that phrase: "serves at the pleasure of the president". I hear it on fox, and from Limbaugh, & Hannity. It roles off the tongues of rite wing mouthpieces like slime off of a slug.

"Serves at the pleasure of the president". Like it makes it O.K. to mess with my vote. Like I am just going to lay down and say its O.K, just business as usual, no problem.

"Serves at the pleasure of the president". Like they think America and Americans do not matter. 

"Serves at the pleasure of the president". But those Attorneys are not servants of the president. They are servants of Americans. To enforce the law. Not to do karl roves bidding.

"Serves at the pleasure of the president".  I love that phrase. Integrity caused that phrase. Justice was neither blind or nearsighted the day we learned that phrase. The president and cheney and rove made a criminal move. They tried to swing elections. But eight attorneys had courage. Eight Americans had integrity.

"Serves at the pleasure of the president".  The president wasn't happy and he fired those Attorneys. A political move for sure.

But I would like to remind the president and his republican party.

They serve at the pleasure of America.

And America is not happy.


Someone should write a speech,


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