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Ali Jenab, LNUX CEO, must be replaced in the [short]-term.



February 17, 2008 – Comments (0)

With all due respect Ali Jenab sounds like a nice guy but he is completely out of touch with reality as CEO of Sourceforge. Jenab simply has no clue what he is sitting on and has no fire viz-a-viz a Page, Brin, Zuckerberg (web 2.0 founders) where unbridled passion to kick ass, take names, and dominate market share is part of their DNA.

Jenab has no clue about this industry nor its future. It is embarrassing to listen to him talk about this company hence egregious what his salary, options, and bonuses are. Nor did Jenab address Google Code/hosting,'s Marketplace biggest threat.

LNUX has substantive potential but Jenab, Morris, and Offutt do not belong here, cannot, by definition, in addition to possessing an entrenched BoD, is accordingly hobbling shareholder value at best. And that is the good news.

Jenab must simply be replaced in the [very] short-term.

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