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ALL Of Alstry's Predictions Coming True!!!!!!!!!



May 18, 2012 – Comments (0)

We now have 50% of college grads unable to find a job....

Over 50% of the American population not working and 83 million of working age not counted in the workforce and not working

Governments around the world are collapsing and the citizens are rejecting corrupt industrial politicians globally

Banks are simply being propped up by speculation and fraudulent accounting

And absent trillions of PUBLIC borrowing supporting Private Wealth....essentially everything would be bankrupt in America.

Just like Alstry predicted following the 2007 actions that led to the bankruptcy of WE THE PEOPLE, the United States of America.

It's now time to nationalize all public debt instruments and public equities......we the people bailed them out so we the people should own them.  That is the American way and not this BS Fascism that has destroyed the moral fabric of our society and created an entitlement based wealthy class.

It is time to restore FREEDOM to the American Citizens and drive a sustainable open source economy where everyone can prosper....globally.

It's time for

Where liberty and justice are for ALL!!!!!

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