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gnulaw (52.71)

Alleged Pervasive Fraud in re: (Pervasive:PVSW) Actian Takeover?



February 03, 2013 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: PVSW.DL , ATTU , SPLK

Alleged Pervasive PVSW Stock Fraud continues? Pervasive again hit by multiple investigations into possible breaches of fiduciary duty in re: Pervasive's definitive agreement to be acquired by Actian.

Shea and the Pervasive Board failed to find buyer(s) outside Actian's arguable self-proclaimed hostile takeover at absurd price of $9.20/share. Said failure confirms either alleged collusion and stock fraud or confirmed alleged stock fraud, collusion, and criminal gross negligence on the part of Pervasive's Board of Directors. Said failure further confirms Pervasive had no IP given the absurdly low offer price, Pervasive's cash position, and Pervasive's lead in Big Data. If not, then what was Actian purchasing?  Why were they so determined to acquire when [seemingly] no one else was interested? Was their collusion on the part of Actian and Pervasive? Note: Pervasive failed to materially increase revenues since 2004. Pervaise Board also issued tens of thousands additional shares to its Board in December 2012, DURING SAID ALLEGED HOSTILE TAKEOVER. The Pervasive Board and Senior management were simply infested by alleged fraud where Pervasive became nothing more than a personal ATM for said insiders as confirmed by consistent patterns of said alleged fraud as meticulously cited on this blog. (See all references and all comments to said referenced links).


References (Including but not limited to)

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)   and further allege as follows pursuant to the following incorporated references


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7.  September 02, 2011  (NASDAQ:PVSW) 2011 Sees No Insider Buying But Much Insider Selling, Share Buybacks a Sham? (Including comments #1 - #20)



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#1) On April 12, 2013 at 3:26 PM, gnulaw (52.71) wrote:

Alleged Pervasive Securities Fraud, Over?

SEC Form 8-K 11-Apr-2013 Completion of Acquisition or Disposition of Assets, Notice of Delisting

"...On April 11, 2013, pursuant to the terms of the Agreement and Plan of Merger (the "Merger Agreement"), dated as of January 28, 2013, among Pervasive Software Inc. (the "Company"), Actian Corporation, a Delaware corporation ("Actian") and Actian Sub II, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("Merger Sub") and wholly owned subsidiary of Actian, Merger Sub was merged with and into the Company, with the Company being the surviving corporation (the "Merger"). Upon completion of the Merger, the Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Actian. The Merger Agreement and the transactions contemplated thereby, including the Merger, were approved by the Company's board of directors and by its stockholders at a special meeting of the stockholders held on April 10, 2013..." 



(April 11, 2013)  Actian Corporation and Pervasive Software Unite to Take Action on Big Data

and the alleged insider whores (footnotes 1-7 inclusive, above) whom failed to ever create shareholder value or increase revenues since 2004...hit the insider ATM one last time yesterday, April 11, 2013, for more than $30,000,000:

Director, distinguished adjunct professor at the University of Texas Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration  CARTER SHELBY H JR


Director/CTO (and now CTO Actian) HOSKINS MICHAEL E

Director, Chairman HireVue BRADFORD DAVID R

Director Padgett Steve



Director HAWN JEFF

Officer Speck Paul Lance

Officer Van Cutsem Gilber

Officer/CFO Jonkers Randall G



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