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AllStarPortfolio (27.56)

AllStarPortfolio - copy of basic rules



June 16, 2009 – Comments (1)

   One green thumb per person. Minimum Time Frame 6 months. Players are free to change the pick as often as caps permits.

   No Ultras (FAZ was picked before the discussion was finished, and will be closed soonish). No Bear ETFS. No .OB stocks

 To qualify for a pick you must:

 Have a RATING of more than 99 on the day of pick


 Be a "yes"man with a RATING of 97 or higher on the day of pick


 Have been a caps player for more than 6 months. 


Be in the Top Ten at the time of pitch, or have at one time been the Top Fool.

All picks MUST have a pitch, and a time frame.

   To submit a pick Players should attach their pitch to a blog from this caps account. I will then copy that to the pitch on the stocks page, so that it will be visible on both the stock page and the quickstats page. I will of course place your name, and score at time of pick on the pitch.

You can name your stock here, for dibs (will hold for 7 days), but i will not post the stock until you have made your pitch, and picked a time frame, also.

I am willing to share the password with a few someones, if they would like, to facilitate timing.


There has already been some interest shown in making an 'Investment Vehicle' to work with this portfolio. We have opened a google group to discuss the possibility. To keep static to a minimum we have created it as a private group discussion. To be invited to the discussion, please send your screen name to and ask for an invitation. Thanks.


I have opened a board on the Discussion Boards.The discussion board will be used for public discussion of how to run the portfolio. Weight allocations will be discussed, and other things that might take more attention than a blog, with less static, but still public. Feel free to discuss those things here, but the board will be for more permanent details as they are worked out.

   When you enter the boards, you can go to Favorite Discussions, and track your favorites. I recommend trying out Stinky Feet.


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#1) On August 04, 2009 at 2:18 PM, BravoBevo (99.97) wrote:

AllStarPortfolio:  As much as I really like AHD for the long (and slow) haul, it sorta pains me to sit and watch a lot of other good opportunites come and go which could really jazz up this experiment. The AHD pick closed out today, took its simple gain, and declared "victory" (for accuracy point purposes). 

I'd like to submit a new selection in its place. Some of your old links to "rules" have been deleted. The only one I can find right now is at this site.  I see that .OB picks are prohibited.

So my basic question is:  "Are .PK picks still allowed?" I don't remember if .PKs are actually prohibited or not. Please let me know either way.  I'd like to stay within the parameters you've set out.

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