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Alstry Is Dead....So Is The Industrial Age



May 06, 2010 – Comments (1)

You will notice that Alstrymous will have a generally more agreeable and postive outlook than Alstry because Alstry wanted to save the Industrial Age and concepts like private property, individual liberties, and freedoms....but in the end, he knew that once too many became sheep and too apathetic....any attempt to save the industrial age was pathetic.

You Foolish Sheep simply let your system rot and were too distracted by the ticker to really give a hoot as practically everything around you crumbled.  But it's OK....things like this have happened before and they will likely happen again.

But many of you will become down right despondent once you realize that your lifetime of savings and hard work was looted by the bankers,  politicians and Wall Strett executives.  But don't fret for too long....things change and generally improve over time.  How do you think the Kings felt when monarchies fell?

We are off on a very interesting journey my friends....travels into the Digital Age where things you view as normal today will have little or no use in the near future.

Electricity will power the world.

Credit will be a thing of the past as Debit transactions will control.

Governments/Corporations will own most tangible things as it will be deemed that individuals are too sheeple to maintain responsibility and management of their own possessions.

Packaging will be reduced materially and we will morph online for entertainment and activity.

We are just beginning a long journey my friends.....and just like Alstry, the Industrial Age will be a thing of the past.....but getting there will be convulsive.

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