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Alstry Is Not The End Of The World



January 09, 2010 – Comments (1)

Simply the doctor of Alstrynomics and DOCUMENTING how if we bail out the banks and fail to restructure the debt to accomodate a much lower revenue stream....America's economy will implode and practically everything including schools, universities, hospitals, police forces, fire departments, and businesses will contract dramatically and/or shut down due to lack of revenues and an inability to service debt and cover expenses at the same time.

The irony is the more we cut, the more we contract until we cut so much there is basically not enough left to sustain the massive infastructure of our nation.

Soon you may find out that the bankers and/or Fed may have artificially propped up the stock market simply to keep you distracted from what was going on around you.

IT IS NOT A QUESTION WHETHER ALSTRY IS RIGHT....THERE IS NO DOUBT THIS IS HAPPENING AND THE CONTRACTION IS NOW ACELLERATING....while the bankers are getting bonused from the taxpayers who are getting poorer and poorer everyday.

When the banksters loaned America such a large amount of money that ONLY CONTINUING to lend more would enable the debt to be cutting off credit, the massive debt load would be IMPOSSIBLE to be serviced and it would suffocate dollars that would have otherwise been spent on goods and services.

Now dollars for goods, services, schools, taxes, fire, safety and medical care are evaporating as debt service consumes an ever growing percentage of SHRINKING cash flow. 

Can you believe it....we citizens allowed our POLITICIANS to bail out only one party to a private contract and basically do nothing for the other leaving the full burden of the contact on only one party.....and then, to add insult to injury, the banks turned around and cut off credit and raised interest on those that bailed them out.....THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA????

NEVER HAS THIS HAPPENED BEFORE IN AMERICA....NEVER......and now the revenues have dropped to such low levels that there is no longer enough money to pay our politicians, keep our schools open, or sustain the costs of maintaining our policie and fire departments.....BUT THE POLITICIANS KEEP TAKING THEIR PAY CHECKS EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO MONEY TO PAY THEM.


Area colleges on Friday announced dozens of layoffs, hundreds of class cancellations and employee furloughs, athletics budget cuts and even farm closures on the day budget-cutting plans were due back to the state.

The cutbacks will include the closure of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s 600-acre Cade Farm, which includes a crawfish research center, according to the university.


The Reno City Council today approved the elimination of 78 positions because of the city's budget crunch.  The affected positions would include the police and fire departments.


Movie Gallery - 400 More Stores

Foot Locker to Close 117 Stores

Albertson Grocery to Close 8 Florida Stores 

Albertsons Grocery Chain Plans to Close 3 More Denver Area Stores

Unless we as a nation demand the debt to be restructured to a level sustainable to an environment where the banks are not issuing sufficient credit.....OUR NATION WILL EFFECTIVELY SHUT DOWN BASED ON AN INABILITY TO SERVICE DEBT......there is simply no doubt about it and the process of Concentric Contraction is accelerating evidence by revenues to government contracting to such low levels that we the people no longer generate sufficient income to support government in its current form.

A very interesting time indeed....what happens when We the People can't support the government that was supposed to serve us......will we be forced to serve them as they only bail out their buddies?

Keeping getting mad at Alstry, if we collectively do nothing, the revenues to Motley Fool and practically every business in America will drop so low that there will be no forum to get mad in......and there will not be much of a market to play in anymore.

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#1) On January 09, 2010 at 11:52 AM, crystlz (50.21) wrote:

Really telling is a drive east from Overland Park, KS where the secondary streets are still receiving snow removal into Missouri where there is no money in Kansas City, MO for snow removal for secondary roads and schools are and have been closed  for quite a while now because there is no money to pay for heating. Granted it is very cold here and it may be that suspending services is the best way to handle the weather adversity, but I still have to wonder if the New Normal doesn't entail a much degraded lifestyle experience for the general population and, perhaps ultimately, a diminished demand for Corporate America's products. I don't feel this is necessarily bad in the long term, just painful in the here and now. 




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