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September 18, 2011 – Comments (1)

When Alstry started blogging a few years ago, he warned you, if you didn't stop the Zombulator, at some point the Ticker would no longer matter.

In 9.09, when we primarily bailed out the financial system, you knew nothing was going to be done about Zombulation, and the consequences would eventually be catastrophic to the industrial economic system as advancing technology replaced the need for tens of millions to work.

If you only bail out the rich, by bailing out financial assets with WE THE PEOPLE's money, eventually, WE THE PEOPLE revolt, globally, if they too are not assisted and can't survive in the system.

It has begun....and we are in danger of losing control of our political, economic, and social systems.  In a world of chaos, there are three primary forms of money....LOVE, BARTER, and FORCE.

When barter doesn't work, and few love you, all that is left is FORCE.....unless cooler heads prevail and proactively address the issue.

Very few Americans have actually seen a fellow citizens get their heads blown off....or simply get shot right in front of them.  The first time you witness it, the consequence is very shocking....but after a while you become numb to more and more around the world are living in this environment everyday.

When you only bail out the rich and not the poor.....eventually the poor demand what is rightfully and morally theirs in a representative democracy and a nation grounded a Constitution or similar document.

It is now time to bail out the 90% of America that benefits very little from the OVER $20 trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street......

otherwise you better prepare to fight.....and a fight like you have never seen before....a fight for FREEDOM.....and those are AWAYS the bloodiest fights.


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#1) On September 19, 2011 at 8:53 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


Much lower than most Fools the world gets Zombulated.

Lennar 3Q profit falls, but meets Street's view

These numbers are amazing if you consider most builders have shut down in the past few years.

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