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Varchild2008 (84.03)

ALSTRY!! You are in for a WHIRL-STORM (WHR)



August 07, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: WHR

WHIRL you look at that?  (WHR) keeps getting it's share price pushed sky high day in and day out seemingly to no end.

9.09?  9.09 is exactly 1 months worth of market trading MINUS labor day away.

Investors are not only confident....not only fearlesss..... But they have entered euphoric gutsy-ness.

This is a WHIRLWIND of expected growth coming out of a sector deemed DEAD and DYING...That being the Consumer Sector.... The Non Descretionary sector.   It's getting bought harder than ALSTRY's THESIS told to a Crowd of Pessimists who recently lost their Job and suffered a House Fire.

Let's face it.... The FACTS are no longer with ALSTRY..... Varchild2008 must stop being Bearish on this economy.... Therefore I am not Strongly Bullish and just as Euphoric as Wallstreet is.

I think CASH for CLUNKERS is motivating sales for Dishwashers and Dryers.... So is a turn-a-round on Housing Sales.....   Can't ignore the  upward sloping Consumer Spending since March.

One thing about Consumer Spending.... It's just like GOLD..... It will NEVER go to ZERO.
For the ALSTRY prediction to ever actually happen.... That THESIS of Spending always greater than ZERO Dollars per day has to be false.

But, it is not false.... In an environment of heavy layoffs...lost jobs....rising Gas Prices....and so many other headwinds.... Consumers are still spending!

Investors need to pay more attention to consumer spending resiliancy and not consumer spending growth.  We don't need head over heels spending growth today or tomorrow... We just need a *MIRACLE*

THE WHIRL-STORM is what it is because we got our *MIRACLE* today in the turn-a-round on Jobs Numbers and the AIG profit.

AMERICA is working again because people like YOU and I have fought hard this year to see to it that AMERICA keeps working.... What we buy.....What we do....How we treat others in our lives positively effects the economy.

ALSTRY missed the boat not because he was too pessimistic... But because he forgot about resiliancy of the Human Individual Spirit to rise up from the ashes and become stronger than before.

(WHR)  Heck..... Why not price it at @100 a share... let's get it over with???  I Joke of course but it seems like there's no end to the optimism of a better economy that's ahead for us all! 

So.. Join with VARCHILD2008 and ride the WHIRL-STORM.   Not buying (WHR) necessarilly.... But by putting some Discretionary Stocks in your investment portfolio.


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#1) On August 07, 2009 at 1:58 PM, davejh23 (< 20) wrote:

"Investors are not only confident....not only fearlesss..... But they have entered euphoric gutsy-ness."

Wouldn't this be a clear sign that the market is over-bought?  Many are waiting for what you just described to get out of the market.

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#2) On August 07, 2009 at 4:03 PM, Varchild2008 (84.03) wrote:

The market IS overbought depending on which stock.

The problem is that when you tell me the market is overbought... I open up my portfolio...and I see a number of stocks in my portfolio:





Which to my eyes are NOT overbought.   Those stocks ARE NOT overbought. 

So blindly bailing out and getting "SHORT" the market is never wise.  If you want to claim the market is overbought you better be careful before thinking you can short any ole random stock.  Throw a dart and short away.

But... Certainly... There are overbought stocks...

(WHR)  is indeed an overbought stock... IT IS waaaaaaay overbought in my book.

However,  Whirlpool has beaten expectations back to back this year at an amount that is amazingly a lot.... Therefore, it is difficult for me to say what WHR's true fair value actually is...

Another problem is that you toss in 2010 and nothing is overbought when you look out as far as Christmas of 2010.

Are people seriously going to say ATVI is overbought???  When there are so many AAA titles we haven't seen THIS YEAR much less NEXT????

I could go on and on and on...  The 2008 Stock Market crash to DOW 6500 never should have happened if Investors acted rationally when sending a market down.....

Now Investors are acting irrational on the upside.... 
Ultimately though.. You can't really put yourself in front of the BUS...   I focus strictly on the business of my individual companys in my portfolio.  And many of them are STILL NOT overbought.

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