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Alstry's Fools Are Simply Industrial Zombies



July 03, 2012 – Comments (0)

All most of them know how to do is work in their specialized job and think about themselves.
They are indifferent to their surrounding or others.
They accept what they are told, even if they know its a lie...
They don't give a damn if their system pollutes the world...
They turn the other way when billions are starving.....
If their neighbor loses their home, they are glad it's not them....
If their government is corrupt, that is someone else's issue....
They are a slave to their own consumption and dependence on others to produce...yet they really care little about others

WE CAN's time to free the industrial slaves
It's time to start thinking about a SUSTAINABLE OPEN SOURCE SYSTEM where everyone can participate and prosper

Welcome to the


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