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Amazing Obamacare Data Security Breach You Can See Right Now



October 23, 2013 – Comments (1)

No, this is not a joke or come-on.

My regards to the John Batchelor Show for giving me the heads up on this.

Go to this website:

 I believe that you are looking at the raw database for the Obamacare website. Surely the public is not suppose to be viewing this data, especially the policy code submission data or the county-by-county prices of various policies: you are suppose to give mucho data, then the website spits out your policy cost for just one line of data, not the whole, nationwide database. 

**the web address appears to be genuine and not a "spoof"

**based on my experience as a COBOL/DB2 programmer for more than one Fortune 500 company, the data in my web browser screen appears to be genuine. 

Of course, how long will this link expose itself before someone gets wise and prohibits public access to this portion of the Obamacare website is uncertain. 

Read and enjoy.


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#1) On October 23, 2013 at 12:55 AM, jschwarzbart (< 20) wrote:

Generally "breach" means exposure of identifiers for individual patients.  The data look to be parameters for different sorts of contracts or programs.  I didn't look at every table, but those that I did examine have nothing resembling patient data.

 I also saw some documentation for API calls.  As I recall, Obamacare is meant to be open source, which means the API must be documented publicly. 

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