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March 28, 2010 – Comments (1)

States Seeking Cash Hope to Expand Taxes to Services

In the scramble to find something, anything, to generate more revenue, states are considering new taxes on virtually everything: garbage pickup, dating services, bowling night, haircuts, even clowns.

“It’s hard enough doing what we do,” grumbled John Luke, a plumber in the Philadelphia suburbs. His services would, for the first time, come with an added tax if the governor has his way.

Opponents of imposing taxes on services like funerals, legal advice, helicopter rides and dry cleaning argue that this push comes as businesses are barely clinging to life and can ill afford to see customers further put off by new taxes. This is especially true, they say, in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, where some of the most sweeping proposals are being considered this spring.

But this is also a period of economic gloom for states. Pension funds are in the red, federal stimulus help will soon vanish, and revenues from traditional sources like income and property taxes are slumping ever lower......

How hard is it to see????....when you cut off a credit dependent economy from credit....and only bail out the bankers and fail to restructure the debt.....the economy implodes and tax receipts evaporate. 

If you carry this out to its logical extension driving up unemployment and forcing assets values down....government  will be forced to tax all of our income and assets, instead of a small percentage like property taxes, in order to keep functioning.

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#1) On March 28, 2010 at 11:01 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

The Morris School District plans to cut 54 jobs, along with summer- and after-school academic support programs, in a $98.3 million budget that would increase the tax levy by 3.95 percent.

For a Morristown resident with a home valued at the town average of $354,000, the school portion of his or her taxes would increase by $234 under this plan, which the district school board adopted today by a unanimous vote in a rare Saturday meeting at the Lafayette Learning Center.

RISING TAXES...DECREASING SERVICES......while we are running a $2 trillion dollar deficit....imagine where things would be if government couldn't borrow at reasonable rates anymore???

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